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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pro-Choice "Choices" this Election for 32nd District

Reprinting a letter published in Shoreline Area News with permission of the author.

Letter to the Editor: Vote Pro-Choice

To the Editor:

Pro-choice means that reproductive decisions are the choice of the woman.

Here’s a quick run-down on the anti-choice positions of some of the candidates running for the state legislature in the 32nd district.

David Baker: conservative candidate for the State Senate.

it is pretty clear from the company he keeps that we cannot trust him to be a vote for women’s rights and health as a State Senator. He has been endorsed by anti-choice elected officials (like Rep. Dave Reichert) and he is supported by local Tea Party activists.

Art Coday: anti-choice, anti-evolution candidate for State House, position 1.

Art Coday has been endorsed by the Human Life PAC, a right-wing anti-choice organization that opposes access to abortion care even in cases of rape or incest. Not only that, he told voters at a forum last week that he thinks creationism should be taught in our public schools. Art Coday would be a threat to women’s rights and health in Olympia!

Gary Gagliardi: anti-choice conservative candidate for State House position 2.

Gary Gagliardi’s staunchly anti-choice beliefs have also earned him the endorsement of Human Life PAC. Gagliardi would be a vote against reproductive health care for Washington women!

Luckily, there is a pro-choice champion in each of these races. Here are two important ways to make sure we keep these seats pro-choice and stop right-wing conservatives like Baker, Coday and Gagliardi from getting to Olympia:

Vote for 32nd District pro-choice candidates by November 2.

Cindy Ryu for State House (position 1)

Ruth Kagi for State House (position 2)

Forward this to voting friends in the 32nd district and urge them to vote in support of women’s health!

Thank you for standing up for a pro-choice future!

Elaine Phelps

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