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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speaker Frank Chopp Headlines Fundraiser for Cindy Ryu

Great Turnout at Fundraiser for Cindy Ryu Campaign Tonite
Speaker Frank Chopp speaks highly of Cindy Ryu's Abilities
photo credit-Janet Way
Cindy and Rep Maralyn Chase (Senate Candidate)

House Speaker Frank Chopp gave a warm speech endorsing Cindy's campaign and said he looked forward to her work in the State House.
He spoke about how community service such as the work Cindy has done, and the fact that she is a real person who has worked in the real world will make her a successful representative.

The event was attended by over 60 supporters including current and retired elected officials and many community supporters including, Rep Ruth Kagi, Rep Maralyn Chase, KC Assessor Lloyd Hara, Honorable Nancy Rust and Donn Charnley.

Cindy is joined by (L-R) Hon Nancy Rust, Rep Ruth Kagi and Hon Donn Charnley
Enthusiastic crowd of over 60 supporters enjoyed buffet from Nara Bistro
Cindy thanked the many supporters who've worked on her campaign
and talked about all the work they've done to help get her campaign 
on track. She said she's doorbelled 10,000 households thus far! 

She said that the stories the people will tell her about how the
legislation affects their lives will mean a lot in Olympia,
and how it will make a huge difference to hear from
constituents about what is happening back here.

Cindy also talked about Legislative Committees she's interested in serving on,
primarily Transportation, Local and State Government,
and Economic Development and Trade.

The election is this next Tuesday, one week away.

Remember to mail in your ballots by November 2nd!

Cindy shares a moments KC Assessor Lloyd Hara and
 with former
Shoreline School Boardmember Dan Mann
and Highland Ice Arena owner Rick Stephens

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