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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fish Singer Place on Green Home Tour

Green Home Tour this Weekend! 

The "Tour" includes Fish Singer Place, which is the award winning 
Martha Rose Construction project, with some homes still available.

By Mark Mays
Greetings Green Home Tourists!
Here are the final four selections for the Green Home Tour this Sunday 
starting at 1pm at Martha Rose’ Fish Singer Placedevelopment in Shoreline. 
The address is 433 Fish Singer Place with access from Dayton Ave N., just a 
couple houses south of N. 160 just up the hill from Sears and Central Market 
on Hwy 99. We will spend 45-60 minutes at Fish Singer as there is so much 
to see and Martha will be there to help explain the green features and systems. 
The site development is amazing with many eco-friendly functions along with 
the great aesthetics.

 We can carpool or caravan to the next homes on the tour. For those that asked, 
there is no charge for the tour. We are fairly passionate about green homes and 
are happy to share the passion with others. Of course we are happy to provide 
real estate services for those that would like us to provide them, but this is all 
about seeing, learning and appreciating the fantastic work these architects and 
builders have done in their green home implementations without a bunch of sales 

 The second home is a green remodel just a few blocks from the Phinney Center. 
This is one of the best Built Green remodels I’ve seen in terms of staying within 
the character of the original design as well as the neighborhood, and the quality 
of craftsmanship, materials and green systems is fairly rare compared to many of 
the green remodels I’ve seen. The architect was Amy Williams with Blue Canyon 
Construction as the contractor. I’m supposed to be getting a copy of the checklist 
so we can know more about what is behind the walls and under the floors that 
would demonstrate a good green home design.

 Home #2 on the map is a Four Star Built Green home that has many green features 
and systems which you will already have seen at Fish Singer, but this is definitely 
one of the better infill townhomes I’ve seen with tight energy envelope, plumbed 
for solar hot water, great daylighting, nice choice of materials and great feng shui. 
This home was designed by Stefan Hampden at Cast Architecture and was presented 
at last year’s NW EcoBuilders Guild 10×10x10 event.

 The last home on the tour is in a high density luxury home development, but really 
it is not so ostentatious like the Street of Dreams green homes with massive square 
footage. I’m sure the pricing has more to do with the location and views, but the 
unique geothermal system along with the overall energy efficiency design, choice 
of green materials, and high quality craftsmanship definitely makes this home worth 
seeing. The listing broker will be available to answer detailed questions about the home.

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