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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fern Power At Tadpole Haven

Photo credit - WNPS

Tadpole Haven - Native Plant Week Event

The Wood Ferns are beginning to stretch open, reaching their blue-green fists to the sky as if they are making a stand for Fern Power.  Maybe I should be using another common name for this fern: “Spiny” Wood Fern.  I dropped that because the name frightened people, and there is nothing spiny about it, as far as I can tell.  Maybe its attitude.  “Fern Power!”

The Wood Fern (Dryopteris expansa) grows big, as big as a Sword Fern, and tolerates fairly dry shade.  It is easy to confuse with the Lady Fern, but it tends to be a deeper, bluer green, and the fronds are triangular, with no frondlets on the lower part of the stem.  It also stays green through most of the winter.  It grows in a clump like Lady and Sword Ferns.  In the forest, you often see it beside Sword Ferns, though perhaps up on a rotting log where it won’t be out-competed by the Sword Fern.  Vine Maple, Western Hemlock, Salal and Cascade Oregon Grape are othercompanion plants.

Fern Power.  Ponder the power of a fern, or a forest of ferns and their friends. The calm that settles over your soul when you put yourself in their power soothes and strengthens.  The Wood Ferns unfold their fists and open themselves to light and breeze.

Tadpole Haven has a bunch of terrific-looking Wood Ferns, ready to do an attitude adjustment for your yard.  We are celebrating Native Plant Appreciation Week, and have two more Open Days this week:  Friday, noon-sunset and Saturday, May 1, 10-4.  Come appreciate some native plants!  Saturday, Brian Bodenbach will be leading a Tadpole Teach-in, “Know Your Watershed” and will help us understand the slice of eco-region with which our lives are most closely linked.  10% of our Saturday sales go to Water Tenders, a local watershed group.   Look updirections on the website to help you find your way!

Tadpole Haven Nursery - Red Current Bush in Bloom

Shirley Egerdahl and a friend

Shirley Doolittle-Egerdahl

20322 197th Ave. N.E.
WoodinvilleWA 98077

Open By Appointment

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cindy Ryu Reception - Announcement

Friends for Cindy Ryu Reception
32nd Legislative District Representative Position #1
Monday, May 3rd
5:00 - 6:00 p.m
Nara Bistro 15033 Aurora Ave N  Shoreline, WA  98133

In the spirit of continuing public service to the community and the 32nd Legislative District, I have decided to run for the 32nd LD Representative Position #1, an open position.  Please come and help me kick off this campaign!

I encourage you to have your dinner at this affordable restaurant (help a local business!), then attend the King County Assessor Lloyd Hara’s Town Hall Meeting 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at the Shoreline Library after the campaign reception.

Cindy Ryu, MBA
(206) 605-1588 Cell

Affirmative Action Committee Chair - 32nd LD Democratic Organization
Dollars for Scholars President - Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Chapter
Korean American Woman Mayor in USA - Mayor of Shoreline, WA (2008-2009)

**** Endorsements to Date ****

Paull Shin
Hon. Lloyd Hara
Hon. Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
 Hon. Janet Way
Jean Thomas
Priya Cloutier
Suzie Sheary
and more

Seeking Volunteers - Join the 
Ryu Campaign Team!

Friends for Cindy Ryu
32nd Legislative District State Representative Pos #1
15021 Aurora Ave NShoreline, WA  98133-6134

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Free Speech

Even Justice Antonin Scalia believes that Political Activity is protected by First Amendment

In the case of the R-71 Petition Signers being argued today by Atty General Rob McKenna at the Supreme Court, Judge Antonin Scalia pointedly defended free speech. Here is a quote from his response, reprinted from and article today in Publicola by Josh Feit.

Declaring that the rough-and-tumble of democracy is not for the faint-hearted, what Scalia referred to as the “touchy, feely” sensitivity of some political activists, the Justice said “you can’t run a democracy” with political activity behind a First Amendment shroud.  “You are asking us to enter into a whole new field,” Scalia told James Bopp Jr., the lawyer for Washington State signers of an anti-gay rights petition.  Politics, the Justice went on, “takes a certain amount of civic courage.  The First Amendment does not protect you from civic discourse — or even from nasty phone calls.”
“A petition-signer,” he said, “is taking part in the legislative process.”  He suggested that there was no court case holding that the First Amendment shields “activity that consists of the process of legislation.”  In fact, Scalia said, “for the first century of our existence” even casting a ballot was done in public, and ballots were of different colors so everyone could know how an individual had voted in a given contest.
It is certainly refreshing to hear him articulate this point of view in light of our Shoreline City Council's recent ban on Political Speech by or about candidates.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Op Ed - by Carin Chase

We are delighted to publish an Op-Ed from Carin Chase.

Carin serves as Chair of the 32nd District Democrats.  Her commentary is in reaction to Shoreline City Council majority action to reduce Public Comment time and eliminate "Political Speech" for an candidate who wants to address the Council at a meeting.

The Shoreline City Council didn’t like to hear from the voters so they voted to discontinue listening to us.

At their City Council meeting on Monday night 4/26 by a vote of 4  to  3,  Democracy was 
trampled in the City of Shoreline.

 When the colonists met to craft the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, they rejected the European model of rule by the few – the Aristocratic elite – in favor of self-government by the informed deliberations and actions of the people:  a democracy.

 Our Democracy is founded on government transparency which allows the people access to the information we need to deliberate – to reason together --- to participate in seeking solutions to challenging public policy issues.     Democratic dialogue between citizens and elected officials requires mechanisms for the people to communicate with their elected officials about issues the people think important – not the other way around.

 There is no other forum that gathers all the city council members together, sitting before the people, listening to the people talk – the modern version of the colonial town hall meeting.   Listening to the people speak is part of the democratic responsibility of elected officials.  

No one said elected officials have to agree with the content of the people’s voice, but in a democracy, they have to listen.  Otherwise, we have what:  an oligarchy?  A  plutocracy?  Fascism?  An aristocracy?   A quasi-judicial cabal?

What do we call this form and practice of government in the City of Shoreline?

Exclusionary elitism?

Carin Chase, Chair
32nd Legislative District Democrats

Maralyn Chase Campaign - News Release

Last night was an excellent Campaign Announcement Event at Jersey's Fine Food and Spirits.
Great turnout, great enthusiasm.

Here's the press release from the campaign and some photos of last night's event.

For Immediate Release:
Representative Maralyn Chase Announces Bid for State Senate
Vows to Continue As Progressive Force in Olympia

Shoreline, Wash. (April 26, 2010)
 Standing in front of a packed room Monday afternoon, 
State Representative Maralyn Chase (D-Edmonds) announced 
her campaign for the State Senate. 
“I want to continue to be the voice of the 32nd District in Olympia,” 
said Representative Chase.

In her announcement, she said that the main pillars of her candidacy 
were attracting working class jobs, protecting the environment, 
and to convey the values of “fairness, justice and compassion” 
in the legislative process.

Representative Chase explained that the goals of supporting local businesses 
and creating livingwage jobs do not conflict with protection of the environment. 
“I think she is what the district needs, and I’m sure she’ll get support 
from labor the environmental community,” said Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, 
Edmonds City Councilmember.

“We need true progressive leadership in the Senate. If we are going to 
move this state forward, Maralyn is the perfect person to elect,” 
said Rep. Marko Liias (D-Mukilteo).

Inclement weather prompted a change of venue to Jersey’s Fine Food and Spirits
restaurant, where about 50 supporters applauded Rep. Chase’s announcement, 
“I am running for the Senate!”

Representative Chase has represented the 32nd Legislative District since 2001. 
She received the 2004 WSE/AFSCME George Masten Courage Award, and 
was named the 2007 Legislator of the Year by the Washington State Federation 
of Democratic Women. She has a MA in Political Science from the 
University of Washington and owns 
a small contracting company.

For More Information Contact:
Carin Chase

Mailing Address:

Maralyn Chase for Senate
PO Box 77267
Shoreline, WA  98177

About 50 supporters packed Jerseys to cheer on Maralyn's announcement including 
Rep Marco Liias, Luis Moscoso and many Labor representatives and small business leaders

L to R - Rich Horner, Pres. Letter Carriers,
Rep Chase, Luis Moscoso, candidate for Rep in 1st LD

A "Collaborative Council"?

Just a thought after tonite's debate on Public Comment at Shoreline City Council.

The Council was attempting to make the public comment more "effective" and "enhanced", by removing about half of the total public comment periods and by prohibiting "political speech" for candidates. 

They are on now IMHO on the fast track to a slippery slope to a double half-pipe flip to 
the place where a snow ball doesn't have a chance, if you know what I mean!  

Many councilmembers stressed their "collaborative" intentions and how this action of limiting public comment would now somehow improve their interactions with the public. Fortunately 3 councilmembers
saw the absurdity of this argument.

Well to Shoreline City Council and everyone who cares..... is the purpose of our local democracy to have a "collaborative council"?  Is it our purpose to have everyone singing "Kumbaya" on Monday nights?  Is it to shorten the meetings and be more efficient? Well, it seems to me that on all counts tonite you failed
•The meeting ended after 11pm (I actually left unlike my usual stamina, but they were stuck talking about "parking" at CRISTA and that has to be the most deadly boring subject )
• All votes or "consensus" measures were 4/3 votes in different arrangements.
• The "collaborators" were united in division and agreed to disagree. Is that "Kumbaya" I heard or Discord?

The best statement of the night came from Councilmember Doris McConnell in the discussion about public comment. Though I don't have the exact quote, for that will take a trip to the City Clerk, she was heard to say to the effect, "At Business meetings, the councilmembers have pretty much made up their minds on votes ahead of time, so the public comment will not make much of a difference!!!!!!!!!!" Yikes! 

To me vigorous debate is what Democracy looks like. Public involvement and contribution to the debate and process is what Democracy looks like. Passionate expressions of belief is what Democracy looks like.  Protest and argument and political action is what Democracy looks like!

"Collaborator" is a word I recall from WWII movies when describing occupied France.

Final votes tonite on Effective Public Comment: (Question was divided into A. Public Comment and B. Political Speech)
• 4-2-1 McGlashan,Tracey, Hall and McConnell - yea
Roberts and Eggen - Nay,  Scott Abstention; 
• and 4-3  McGlashan,Tracey, Hall and McConnell - yea,
Roberts, Scott and Eggen - Nay.

Can we stick up for the public interest now?
Thank you - Chris Roberts, Chris Eggen and Terry Scott

Monday, April 26, 2010

Important Announcement - Maralyn Chase to Declare Her Candidacy for St Senate

We are pleased to announce this Breaking News! 
Stay tuned for more updates later this evening.

Representative Maralyn Chase Announces Bid for State Senate
 Representative Chase will announce her campaign for State Senate today at Shoreline City Hall. the main pillars of her candidacy were attracting working class jobs, protecting the environment, and to convey the values of fairness, justice and compassion in the legislative process.
Representative Chase has represented the 32nd Legislative District since 2001. She received the 2004 WSE/AFSCME George Masten Courage Award, and was named the 2007 Legislator of the Year by the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women. She has a MA in Political Science from the University of Washington and owns a small contracting company. 

The 32nd Legislative District covers Shoreline, LFP, Kenmore, parts of Unincorporated KC and Edmonds

Senator Fairley Retirement and Impacts -NW Progressive Institute Advocate Post

The Northwest Progressive Institute Blog posted this story April 22nd.

Senator Darlene Fairley has been a State Senator Representing the 32nd Legislative District for 16 years.
She has a very strong environmental record and is known to be very outspoken.

Reminder: Today (4/26) Rep Maralyn Chase, on of the 32nd LD's two Legislators will be making an announcement at a press conference at Shoreline City Hall under the Solar Array at 5pm. Everyone is welcome.  Representative Chase has been in office since 2001 as State Representative.

Senator Fairley and Rep Chase have nearly identical voting records.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

State Senator Darlene Fairley retires

Longtime State Senator Darlene Fairley, who represents the 32nd Legislative District and chairs the Senate's Government Operations & Elections Committee, has decided to retire from the Legislature. (Her term expires at the end of this year).

She announced her decision in an email to colleagues and Senate staff today:
To Everyone:

Around Christmas time last year I was griping and groaning about having to go back to Olympia soon. My husband (who had just about had it with my complaints) said I should wait until the end of this session to see if I felt the same.

If anything, my feelings are more negative than before.

I've always believed that if you hate what you're doing, and you can't give it your best, stop doing it. Life is too short to waste on things you don't enjoy doing.

We never know what's going to happen next, but I do know that I'm not running again. 16 years is enough.

To all of you--take care,

That's Senator Fairley: direct and to the point. She's long been one of my favorite senators, in part because she always has a retort ready when Tim Eyman insults the Legislature from the table in front of her.

We at NPI wish her the very best in retirement. She'll be missed.

Democrats in the 32nd must now find a successor to Fairley. State Representative Maralyn Chase is reportedly thinking about running; she has served in the House for over a decade. If she runs, that would make her own position an open seat, but it makes sense to take that risk, since this is probably the best chance she'll ever have to move over to the Legislature's smaller chamber. She'll have to make up her mind quickly if she doesn't want Democratic rivals.


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Point Wells from Developers Point Of View

Story on viewpoint of Point Wells Development
 reprinted from Shoreline Area News, 4/24/10

Many questions remain, such as traffic impacts to Richmond Beach Rd. Save Richmond Beach is a local organization covering the issue in depth.  They have an informative website about the actions taken to date and potential impacts.

The site has been a petroleum "tank farm" and storage site for nearly a century. It has been operated by Paramount Petroleum, but now is under consideration by Snohomish County for a major "Urban Center" development. However the only access is through Shoreline.

The City of Shoreline contends that the land should be incorporated into Shoreline, since most of the impacts will be to Shoreline services. The City and Save Richmond Beach have "united" in a joint strategy.

While there may be a case for environmental improvements, it is wise to view this "developer viewpoint" as just that.  This week, we are especially alert to "Green Washing" which has gone into overdrive for Earthweek.


Point Wells: From the developer's viewpoint


The internationally recognized architecture firm of Perkins+Will has been retained to develop initial design concepts for the planned redevelopment at Point Wells as a residential/mixed-use community.

Point Wells / Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times / July 23, 2009

Point Wells encompasses approximately 61 acres on the Puget Sound waterfront in the southwest corner of unincorporated Snohomish County. Owned by Paramount of Washington, LLC, the Point Wells site hosts the marine fuels distribution center and asphalt facility of Paramount Petroleum Corporation. Following the implementation of Point Wells' urban center designation and the adoption by Snohomish County of a new Urban Center zoning code, the site would undergo a multi-year environmental remediation prior to the site’s potential redevelopment. Perkins+Will has been retained to advise Paramount on the site’s redevelopment potential.

“A key factor in selecting Perkins+Will is the firm’s emphasis on designing environmentally sustainable projects,” said Paramount Petroleum Environmental Manager Mark Wells. “Because we know this is a very special site, our vision is to transform Point Wells into a showcase for transit oriented, sustainable redevelopment.”

Paramount’s initial vision for Point Wells includes a wide range of potential design features focusing on sustainability, public access and the re-introduction of natural habitats, and minimizing impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods. Sustainable features under consideration include new heating technologies to supplement standard methods, reduction of typical water use, graywater re-use, and other “green” construction elements. Public access to the three-quarter mile of sandy beachfront and pedestrian/bicycle facilities would be incorporated into the eventual design. The high-density community would be built around multiple transportation options to encourage alternatives to automobile use. The re-introduction of forested conditions to the site’s open space, restoring the natural stream, and enhancing salmon habitat are a part of Paramount’s vision.

Wells said that preliminary studies have concluded that the project will produce economic benefits for the community, including jobs and tax revenues, during construction and beyond. Site demolition, environmental remediation and construction could be conducted in phases with a goal of minimizing impacts in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Perkins+Will has an extensive track record of success in designing award-winning projects, including the internationally-recognized Dockside Green development in Victoria, B.C. When it was completed in 2008, the first residential phase of Dockside Green became the highest scoring LEED Platinum Certified project in the world. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices.

“This is an extremely exciting project for us,” said Kay Kornovich, Perkins+Will’s managing principal in Seattle. “Point Wells has the potential to be a premier example of how to best redevelop a long-time industrial site in an environmentally sustainable manner. It’s obviously one of the most beautiful locations in the region. And the mandate we’ve been given is to be creative and innovative in designing a project that recognizes its unique location and characteristics, while maintaining a sharp focus on sustainability and public access as well as maintaining as much open space as possible. Our firm is committed to making Point Wells the ‘next generation’ example of a fully sustainable community.”

“Sustainable design is more than a process of reducing environmental impact,” said Peter Busby, AIA, Perkins+Will design principal and an acknowledged leader in North America’s sustainable design movement. “Sustainability is an essential part of everything we do. It is a holistic approach that incorporates environmental concerns into the design process from the start. Our philosophy is to design projects that not only contribute to human well-being, but also enhance the future of our planet.”

Berkeley, California-based Peter Walker and Partners (PWP), have also been retained to develop the landscape design for the project. Maximizing the site’s unique assets, the development would provide improved habitat and open space in the unique shoreside environment. The introduction of bicycle and pedestrian pathways along Puget Sound, together with a natural stream and restored beachfront, provide the basis of PWP's various possibilities for the site.

Perkins+Will and PWP are collaborating with a wide variety of public agencies and private interest groups to design a large “gateway” park at the east landing of the new Bay Bridge in the San Francisco Bay area. The diverse park is currently in the master plan/conceptual design phase of the 10 month process.

Perkins+Will and PWP Landscape Design are recognized nationally and internationally for setting industry standards for design innovation and for working with some of the world’s most admired clients.

“We look forward to the process of meeting with governmental leaders and our neighbors in surrounding communities. We’ve got the right team in place to provide innovative design concepts for the redevelopment of Point Wells in a way that we can all be proud of,” said Wells.