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Friday, October 29, 2010

Kenmore Resident Clyde Merriweather's Opinion on Tenure of Mayor David Baker

This is a previously posted opinion letter from longtime Kenmore businessman and citizen Clyde Merriweather.  David Baker is running against Rep Maralyn Chase for State Senate.

Clyde Merriweather - Kenmore Business owner
Perhaps one of the things that most bothers me is how exclusionary and autocratic Kenmore leadership has become.  Seeking the best decision for the masses has given way to just requiring  an assumed majority that fits the current leadership’s unexposed direction.

I have little doubt that the Mayor of Kenmore and City Council have imagined “their” plan.  I'm sure they have rhyme and reason.  Problem is, they don't feel it necessary to share “their” vision or at times, even to consult the citizen involved "Plan" developed and paid for by this city under different leadership.

Residents and their opinions have given way to having management that knows what's best.  By keeping information and decisions under cover residents will always be in need of someone to act and think in/for our benefit. 

At the same time remember, the Mayor is on his second term.  Perhaps it is we who are missing something.  The same can be remembered with George W. Bush which brings us to the bigger picture.  This country had better stop seeking people they can share a beer with and understand the whoever leads this country will not be looking good while trying to fix what others have broken.  We either bite the reality bullet or continue to pretend that those who broke it are the best choices for fixing it.

Clyde Merriwether


  1. Reaction: who cares. Just words and confusing at best.

  2. Well, many Kenmore residents may care, if they have an "autocratic mayor" and whether someone like this is who you want to represent you in Olympia!

    If you care about having people represent you actually LISTEN to the people, or who just know what's best for you and pat you on the head or vote to expell you, as he's done to other members of his own City Council.

    I would care!

    Just sayin'!

  3. And the solution is to replace the mayor with what? They all "listen", it's actual competence and a record of accomplishment that matters. All these little charter "cities" are corporations with multi-million dollar budgets. Choose who manages them carefully. An actual skill-set, not just angry, fuzzy, jumbled rhetoric, might help.