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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bob Ferguson's Annual Shrimp Feed

And Everybody Was There! 

The Annual Shrimp Feed was a tradition started by former Governor and Congressman Mike Lowry.
KC Councilmember Bob Ferguson has continued this political event. 

It's been held at the Northgate Community Center for the past 5 years.

Councilmember Ferguson talked about his first election campaign and how Governor Lowry had been one of his first supporters. And he spoke of how, his doorbelling the district had garnered so much grassroots support. He has now been re-elected twice, since he had to run in a special election when his council district was changed.

This year, there was great excitement because Senator Patty Murray was the honored guest. Also, many other supporters and many elected officials were in attendance.  Over 100 supporters were there today, including Gov Lowry and many family members.

Lots of electeds were there and here is a short list of some (it's possible I've missed some, if so we apologize):
Rep Jim McDermott, Speaker Frank Chopp, Senator Adam Kline, Rep Maralyn Chase, Rep Phyllis Kenny,  Rep Ruth Kagi, KC Councilmember Larry Phillips, Seattle City Councilmembers, Sally Clark and Tim Burgess, Shoreline City Councilmmebers Chris Roberts, Terry Scott and Chris Eggen, LFP Councilmember Don Fiene, Kenmore City Councilmember Bob Hensel.

Bob Ferguson Addresses the Crowd and introduces Senator Patty Murray
photo credit-Janet Way

Here are a selection of photos of those who attended:

Large Crowd Gathers and listens to Councilmember Ferguson. The picture window overlooks
 Thornton Creek Park #6
Senator Murray greets supporters
Senator Murray shaking hands, Rep Chase in backround

Patty bids everyone goodbye

Senator Patty Murray talked about her campaign and stories about accomplishments. She is in a tough re-election campaign, but showed her typical "fighting spirit"!
                                                       Congressman Jim McDermott and Rep Maralyn Chase
                                                        (now running for Senate in 32nd District)
                                                   shared a moment of support for Bob
                                              and Senator Murray

Shoreline City Councilmember Terry Scott
 and his wife Lyanne and one of 3 daughters attending

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