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Thursday, May 10, 2012

May in Paramount Park - Peaceful Now, but What Will the Future Bring?

Of Paramount Importance - Back Again!

Been out of touch for a little while - but lot's going on. Will try to catch up on some local stories.
For now, here's a tour from today of our jewel of a park.

So beautiful sunshine today got the shutter going. Here are the results from our beautiful Paramount Park.
Devil's Club is tall and quite spectacular. It likes wetlands
Many of the plantings we put in years ago are now getting quite mature. Like this one.
Exciting to see our native Rhodadendron blooming nicely in a secluded place.
NW Native Rhodadendrons
And Littles Creek, (the best creek in Shoreline, according to the city's own description some years back), sparkles and glitters its way down towards Seattle. 

But, what will the future hold for Littles Creek, Paramount Park and our neighborhood.  Changes may be coming.

Stay tuned .........