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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Initiative Review from WA State Democrats

WA State Dems have reviewed all the statewide Initiatives on your ballot this year and researched who is behind each one.

Many of us may feel exhausted from hearing about all of the confusing measures on the ballot and could be excused for feeling reluctant to even sit down with our ballots to attempt to face all of them.  

But here is some assistance from the State Democratic Party office, if you want to know what is the best way to vote from a "progressive" viewpoint.

Bill Clinton said on Monday, "You have a choice – don’t be fooled, don’t be played, don’t stay home."
The text of the initiatives is confusing. The Voters’ Pamphlet statements are confusing. The TV commercials are way over the top. How are we supposed to make sense of it all? 

Look at who’s behind and who benefits from each initiative
Big lobbyists and out-of-state special interests have put over $50 million into pushing five ballot initiatives that would take money out of state services like education and health care and put it right into the pockets of big corporations. Only two statewide measures would actually invest in Washington’s future.
Here’s a closer look:
NO on 1053: Tim Eyman’s 2/3 requirement
Who’s behind 1053: Tim Eyman, BP Oil, Tesoro Oil, ConocoPhillips Oil, Bank of America.
Who benefits from 1053: Extremely partisan legislators who can hold our budget hostage; big companies enjoying tax loopholes.
Who loses under 1053: Voters who believe in the principles of democracy; taxpayers who want to close loopholes; services suffering under an all-cuts budget.
NO on 1082: Insurance industry takeover of workers’ comp
Who’s behind 1082: The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), a longtime conservative political player.
Who benefits from 1082: Big insurance companies, the BIAW, and the conservative candidates funded by the BIAW’s warchest.
Who loses under 1082: Businesses who have to pay more in premiums; workers who are injured on the job.
YES on 1098: Cuts your taxes, raising money for education
Who’s behind 1098Bill Gates Sr., Washington Education Association.
Who benefits from 1098: Kids, seniors, public schools, health care services, businesses, property owners, lower and middle class families would all benefit from better schools and better quality healthcare, small business benefit from elimination of the B&O tax, and property owners benefit from a property tax cut.
Who loses under 1098: Wealthy people who make over $200,000/year would pay a limited income tax on income above that threshold.
NO on 1100/1105: Unregulated hard liquor sales
Who’s behind 1100/1105Wal-Mart, big grocery chains, out of state liquor distributors.
Who benefits from 1100/1105: Wal-Mart, big grocery chains, big liquor distributors, binge drinkers and underage kids.
Who loses under 1100/1105: City, county and state services would lose $700 million over 5 years; local craft brewers and Washington wineries would get pushed off the shelves; and alcohol-related crimes like drunk driving would increase.
NO on 1107: Soda pop tax
Who’s behind 1107: The American Beverage Association, national lobbyist for the big soda companies.
Who benefits from 1107: Soda pop companies.
Who loses under 1107: Kids, seniors, public schools and health care services would lose $100 million each year.
The election is vital to the Washington’s future. We already cut over $5 billion out of state and local services. You have a choice. 
APPROVE R-52: Healthy schools
Who’s behind R-52: Representative Hans Dunshee (D-44) wants to make public schools a healthier place for children, so he referred this measure to the people.
Who benefits from R-52: Kids and teachers benefit from a healthier place to learn and work; construction workers benefit from new jobs; public schools benefit from saved energy costs.
Who loses under R-52: No one. 

Voting YES on 1098, YES on R52 and NO on all the rest can help stop these painful cuts and put money back into our communities where it belongs.
Please Remember to Vote! Mail in your ballot by Nov 2nd!


  1. The 32nd LD Democrats also adopted a resolution to vote no on City of Shoreline Proposition One on property taxes.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Correct. I'm covering State Initiatives in this article however and simply providing a link to the 32nd Dist site for now.



  3. The voters have been taken to the cleaners too many times with debt financing for irresponsible spending on projects that fund (1) labor union jobs at high prevailing (union) wages and (2) exorbitant transaction fees for Wall Street’s debt finance brokers and consultants (some of which can turn into political campaign contributions), while adding to the public debt that threatens the government solvency.

    An example of this was the destruction of the multi-purpose Kingdome, rationalized by ‘poor esthetics’ and a leaking roof, in order to build two new limited-purpose stadiums that left public debts on both the non-existent Kingdome and the new stadiums. (King County had reallocated roof maintenance funds to subsidize tenant rental provisions, resulting in the roof problem.)

    Referendum 52 for bonds to pay for school retrofits is another example of such a scheme, made even worse by its mandate to raise the state constitutional debt limit in a dubious value proposition to fund uncertain energy savings. Vote “NO” on Ref. 52 !!