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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update - Shoreline City Council Race FINAL

In a remarkable outcome, from an initial election night deficit, Jesse Salomon has been elected to the Shoreline City Council, Pos #6 by 119 votes! 

King County Elections has posted the "Official Final" results on their website.

In the original election night count, Salomon was behind by about 470 votes and has now won by 119.
That is a very large gain on a local election.  He defeated former Shoreline Planning Commissioner Robin McClelland.

His campaign worked very hard, even on election day, with each volunteer calling hundreds of voters to
"Get Out The Vote". He had doorbelled every precinct and highlighted themes on Point Wells, Traffic Safety and "moving Shoreline forward".

Salomon is a Ridgecrest resident and serves on the Ridgecrest Neighborhood Council. He is an attorney and public defender. This is his second run for public office having run for the State Senate in Whatcom County and having served on the Whatcom County Planning Commission.

Daily results

General and Special Election
KING COUNTY11/28/2011 9:48:59 PM
Official Final
11-08-2011Page 30 of 69



Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: *18141/33429

Council Position No. 6

Jesse Salomon                7534  50.22%
Robin McClelland             7415  49.42%
Write in                               54  00.36%

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jesse Salomon Leads His Council Race as Certification Approaches Tomorrow, 11/29

Council Candidate Jesse Salomon Still in Lead by 109 Votes -

Tuesday King County Elections will certify all races after the Canvassing Board meets at 8:30 AM.
Results are scheduled to be posted at noon.

Jesse Salomon is running for Pos #6 on the Shoreline City Council to fill the seat now held by Terry Scott.  Salomon is a 35 yr old public defender and Ridgecrest resident. He has been building a lead in his council race for the last two weeks.

On Election Night, Salomon was behind Robin McClelland, former Shoreline Planning Commissioner by over 400 votes.  With the 109 vote lead he now holds, an official recount could only take place if his opponent requested one and was willing to pay for it. The lead of 109 votes is now beyond the margin for  a mandatory recount.

Election results

November 8, 2011 general election

Daily results

General and Special Election
KING COUNTY11/28/2011 4:04:25 PM
Unofficial Cumulative
11-08-2011Page 30 of 69

Council Position No. 6
Jesse Salomon -            7520  50.18% 
Robin McClelland  -       7411  49.46%
Write in -                           54   0.36%                                                                         


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day! I Miss the Polls

On Election Day, I'm nostalgic for the act of going to the polls. Is anyone else?
But now you must "mail" it or
take it to a drop box.

• I remember  the first time I voted at my old elementary school.
• I remember seeing the polls at that school as a child and seeing it as important.
• I remember my grandmother was an "election lady" at the polls.
• I remember working with my dad on election days to "get out the vote".
• I remember taking my kids with me to vote with, and having them enjoy "practice voting", for George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.
• I remember standing in line till after 8pm and still getting to vote!
• I remember the last time I voted at the polls in 2008, and meeting a black man there, who was so proud.
• I remember that night that my whole family (two sons) celebrated at the election night party.
• I remember standing on the street corners and asking folks to vote on election day.
• I remember seeing my neighbors at the polls.
• I remember feeling patriotic when I voted at the polls.

Voting is still great, but it just isn't as fun as it used to be. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shoreline's Urban Forest and "Tree City"

Monday, Nov 7th, the Shoreline City Council will again take up a topic that could make a difference in how our city is seen by residents and visitors. 
Local Park Steward Charlie Brown of
Briarcrest neighborhood has been
a watchdog for South Woods for many years.
Shoreline City Council will take up a proposal for "Tree City" designation.  You can download the Council packet here -  to see the details for tonite's agenda item and look up the staff report.

While a Tree City USA designation sounds good in concept, it is of little value unless it comes with some real, effective "teeth" or actual tree legislation designed to truly protect trees and increase our urban forest canopy.  The current proposal mostly talks about appointing the existing Parks Board as the "Tree Board". But it is curious to consider how the already busy Parks Board will have the time to deal with the complexities of tree issues as well. 

Shoreline's trees need help. They need a voice. A tree board may be a start, but hope it's not a really slow start and one with more backbone.