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Monday, October 18, 2010

Murray/Rossi Debate Event

Rally reflected in passing vehicle windows
The Rally Before the Debate and Debate Party

Yesterday's Rally before the Murray/Rossi Senate Race Debate was  a fun prelude to the main event.

Fisher Plaza Rally-
photo credit-Janet way

At least 50 Patty Murray supporters gathered on a beautiful afternoon in front of KOMO 4 TV studio at Fisher Plaza, at Seattle Center.  The crowd was excited and Patty Murray herself , seemed excited to see the crowd as she arrived. 

There was only one Rossi suppoter present, across the street from the Murray Rally.

Murray Supporters at Pre-debate Rally

Enthusiastic Murray Supporters

After the Rally dozens supporters gathered at Murray/Democratic headquarters to watch the debate, projected on the wall, make calls to voters and share a meal. Many volunteers continued calling voters in GOTV efforts even during the debate. 

There was much applause and cheering at many of Patty Murray's debate points. She emphasized many of the bills she's sponsored and the constituent work she's famous for.

Publicola has great coverage of the substance of the debate.

Volunteers watching Murray/Rossi Debate

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