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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

William Jefferson Clinton - The Rally

President Clinton urges Democrats to Rally for
Patty Murray, Rick Larsen and Jay Inslee

Bill Clinton Rallies Crowd to Support 
Patty Murray and other Democrats

Congressman Jay Inslee (1st District) warms up crowd and
urges support for Murray and Larsen
He joked about how Rossi should stand for "Reverse"
Yesterday, Former President Bill Clinton gave an incredible talk about how the midterm election is so important to our future.  He reminded everyone how his administration had been the only one since 1830 to leave office with a budget surplus, and how Senator Patty Murray had been there helping the whole time by sponsoring important legislation to help implement many of the goals during those terms.

The rally was held in the Flying Heritage Collection museum at Paine Field in Everett and the old airport hangar was packed with over 2000 supporters. They came from all over the Puget Sound region.

He talked about many issues, but mostly he spoke about the "choices" voters have this year, and why supporting Patty Murray and other democrats is the only logical choice. 

President Bill Clinton exhorts Democrats to rally for Patty Murray
Over 2000 supporters waited patiently for hours,
many were union members and were thrilled
to hear President Clinton,
Patty Murray, Rep Inslee and Larsen
Bill Clinton explained the current economic situation and the midterm elections 
like no one else can. 
Economy - He urged the crowd to put themselves in the place of President Obama as he took office "I challenge anyone in this room to get behind a locomotive heading down hill at 200 mph and stop it in 10 seconds."
Air Force Tanker - He talked about Murray's heroic work to defend Boeing's bid for the Air Force Tanker project
Two supporters from Shoreline-Boni Biery and Margie King
Boni is a former Boeing worker
Student Loan Bill - He explained that Patty Murray's Student Loan legislation, which was part of the Wall Street Reform bill, would make a huge difference in the economy in the long term, because it would provide relief to students who are now strapped to huge loan obligations and encourage more students to finish their training and be more prepared to take good jobs.
Support for WA Farmers - He talked about the support Patty Murray had given to WA farmers who grow vegetables and have traditionally had a hard time getting that support.
Support for Veterans - He talked about Patty Murray's hard work to support Veterans in so many areas, including the latest Health Care Reform legislation.
Taxes - He and Patty Murray both talked about the upcoming federal tax legislation and how the Republicans want big tax breaks for the wealthy instead of the breaks they are supporting for the middle class
Just one of the array of historic aircraft
in the Flying Heritage Collection
Campaign Financing for Republicans from Anonymous Donors - They talked about the outrageous amount of campaign funding coming from secret donors (because of the Supreme Court Ruling) and how this is fundamentally unfair and bad for democracy

President Clinton spoke to the enthusiastic crowd of over 2000 Democrats who no doubt left inspired to help re-elect Patty Murray, Rick Larsen, Jay Inslee and the many others on the ballot.

Even one Rossi supporter who'd sneaked in was overheard saying to his buddy, "Boy this guy is good!"

Here are some images from the rally:

Setting up

Rep Rick Larsen "Tweets" a photo of the crowd

Senator Murray thanked Pres Clinton for his support
and talked about her work, advocacy for veterans, students and families

Bill Clinton gave a "treatise" on what's really going on

President Clinton greets rally goers and autographs books 

Flying Heritage Collection was the venue for the Murray Rally.
It is one of several flight museums in the Paine Field area

Next up for Patty Murray Campaign? 
Joe Biden, 
President Barack Obama (Thursday at UW), 
Michelle Obama next week! Wow! 

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