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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Of Paramount Importance

Reason to Be, Sense of Place in Paramount Park!

It's 2010 and this is a blog about my interests and your interests. As a recently minted Ex-city councilmember, I believe I have a view that could be useful to many. Specifically, the view on the environment and “land use”, which many people may not realize is perhaps the largest role played in local government.

Many years ago (approx 1989), I got involved in some local environmental concerns in order to preserve and extend a wetland in my neighborhood. That neighborhood is Paramount Park, located in southeast Shoreline. What started out as an attempt to protect a 3.5 acre section of wetlands and streams with my neighbors, became a nearly all encompassing quest (some might say obsession) to protect and restore the Thornton Creek Watershed. We had many successes along the way, and some sidetracks. This interest also evolved into related watersheds and political adventures, the last of which placed me square in the middle of local politics and elected to the Shoreline City Council.

Now, as a former elected official, I have the freedom (and more time) to look more deeply into the related issues of land use and link them to the many local issues such as (but not limited to) Open Space, Sustainability and Renewable Energy, Economic Development (ie density vs alternatives), Green Building and Low Impact Development, and even Historic Preservation and all things related including political opinion. These will be specifically related to local land-use issues, but also contain links to issues going on in nearby areas. It will be educational and entertaining whenever possible.

This site will be a place to present alternative views, promote ideas, relate news about land use issues in and around (roughly) the 32nd Leg District and North Seattle. Other nearby areas area also welcome to chime in.

I willl publish links to other blogs and invite guest writers to publish their views. I will also post photos, maps and illustrations to illuminate the concepts.

Basically, I’ve decided that I have a voice which cannot stay silent (much to the dismay of many). So, I invite you to participate. Any reasoned and civil opinions are welcome, but vicious vulgarity will be subject to editing.

I welcome debate and additions, suggestions and any brilliant ideas.

Welcome to my adventure.