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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Important Upcoming Processes for Shoreline Historical Museum/Ronald School

Your Input Matters: 
Two Upcoming Public Process Opportunities to Help 
"Get the Truth Out" about the 

Ronald School vintage photo

Finally! Citizens will have a chance to speak out in public on the matter of the Shoreline Historical Museum and the Shoreline School District's "takeover" of  the Ronald School.
Shoreline Conditional Use Permit for Shorewood HS 
Project # 201828 17300 Fremont Ave N 
 Comments MUST BE IN BY October 9th to Shoreline Planning and Development Services
   send to -  (206) 801-2551

You can send a comment letter on concerns about impacts to the Landmarked Ronald School and impacts to the Shorewood Neighborhood on many issues, including but not limited to Traffic, Parking, Scale of project, Environmental Issues, Lighting, Town Center, etc.

Shoreline Historical Museum
photo credit-Vicki Westberg

King County Landmarks Commission - "Certificate of Appropriateness" Process
  Public Hearing, October 14th at Richmond Masonic Lodge
   7pm  185th St and Linden Ave N (across from Fred Meyer store, 
                    parking available at Fred Meyer parking lot)
    The King County Landmarks Commission will take public comment and probably make a decision on the Certificate matter that evening.  This "certificate" is a requirement for the Shoreline School District to get their Conditional Use Permit.
      YOU can make a difference by attending this hearing, and making substantive comments on the value of the Ronald School to our community. You can express concerns about the Shoreline School District's plans to gut the building and remove the rear wall to "incorporate" the old school into their massive new HS design. You can discuss the shoddy process the Shoreline School District put this community through and the impact that removing the Ronald School as a "stand alone" building will have. 
        The KC Landmarks Commission formally designated the Ronald School as a Historic Landmark for the City of Shoreline in 2008.  So now, in order for the SSD to "incorporate" this building into their HS design they must get the Certificate of Appropriateness. YOU can have your say finally in public about what the Shoreline School District's actions     have done to our community.  You can also write to the King County Landmarks Commission and comment on this application. 
Write to: Todd Scott ;
 refer to COA (Certificate of Appropriateness) No 1021
Business Relations and Economic Development
400 Yesler Way, Suite 510
Seattle, WA 98104
     You may call or email me (Janet Way) if you have any questions or would like to participate.

Thank you for your interest and for caring about your community!

Stay tuned for more information! 

Best Regards,

Ronald School Historic Photo -
Shoreline Historical Museum Collection

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