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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on KC/Shoreline Landmarks Hearing

Whoa!! Hold the phone! 

photo of Western Electric desk mode telephone

Apparently the KC/Shoreline Landmarks Hearing for Certificate of Appropriateness, for Ronald School originally scheduled for today is on"HOLD", according to King County Historic Preservation office staff.

The Shoreline School District apparently requested a delay because of the number of Commissioners available. There were supposed to be enough for  "quorum" to make a decision, but SSD wanted the full
Commission to be on tap.

Many citizens and organizations have already sent letters to the Commission with concerns about the impact of the Shorewood HS plans to "incorporate" the Landmarked 1912 Ronald School into the large new HS.  As most folks are aware the Shoreline Historical Museum has been the steward of the Ronald School since its formation in 1976.

For now, do NOT come to the Richmond Masonic Temple tonite (October 14th)!

The meeting is probably going to be scheduled in November.

Stay Tuned for more updates soon!  And thanks for your interest! 


  1. But what is happening to the museum. Have they found a new home? Are we going to permanently lose the cultural heart of Shoreline?

  2. The Museum has NOT found a new home as yet. Worth making a point of that in your comments!

    It is an outrage and an affront to our cultural heritage. We will not forget what SSD has done to our community.

  3. It seems that all talk of helping the museum has fallen to the wayside. Don't they still need help finding a home? Are they no longer important?

  4. Dear Friends and OPI Readers,

    Yes, the Museum is super important and they do not have a home yet. I'm sure the Museum Board is working hard on that issue.

    The issue at hand at the moment, however for the rest of us in this matter is the fate of the Ronald School Building.
    That is the subject of the Landmarks Commission's Certificate of Appropriateness process.

    Focus for the moment on how the SSD plan will impact the 1912 Landmarked building. Focus on how the building will be significantly altered by this plan.


  5. I don't think we should totally drop the museum like this. It was so important, and now it's being treated like the ugly stepchild. If we don't work together to find a new home for it, it won't be back - ever.

    Let's follow a fight all the way through.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree with you totally. We are not "dropping the museum". I invite you to contact me by email or cell -, 206-734-5545 to talk about things we can do.
    The Shoreline Preservation Society IS taking action.

    Look forward to hearing from you.