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Friday, October 21, 2011

Save Richmond Beach Community Meeting This Sunday

The organization that has heroically stepped up to defend Richmond Beach on the Point Wells,BSRE proposal is hosting an important community meeting this coming Sunday, Oct 23rd.

Sunday, October 23
4:00 to 6:00 p.m
Innis Arden Club House

1430 N.W. 188th Street 
ShorelineWA 98177

The meeting (which is free) will be to update the community on our recent lawsuit filed againstSnohomish County and Blue Square Real Estate and to discuss why we have moved to a paid membership structure and where the funds will be used.

For more information, please 
register for the event or visit 

Please let your friends and neighbors know about this meeting in case they haven't seen the notice.


Please share. 

The future of Richmond Beach is about the future of Shoreline. 
Richmond Beach Drive
How much traffic will it be forced to absorb?
How much traffic will then impact the rest of our city?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Richmond Beach - A Community Now In the Vortex of Possible Change

As one resident said recently, 
"Yes Richmond Beach IS Special."
View of Richmond Beach Village from the Bluff
with Madrone's Framing It
ph Credit - Janet Way
Richmond Beach residents all share one overiding reason for moving there. It's "quiet" and peaceful.
Almost a world apart from the rest of Shoreline and the surrounding urban area. 

But, because of the Point Wells "Urban Center" proposal, approved by Snohomish County, now under challenge by "Save Richmond Beach" organization and the Town of Woodway, many changes could be coming. 

That is unless the City of Shoreline unites with these groups and fights back.
Richmond Beach Dr towards Point Wells site.
Traffic could grow up to 8-10K trips per day
on this one lane road
Meanwhile in quiet Richmond Beach, lovely old cottages and yards glitter in the sunshine, seemingly unaware of the possible turmoil of the future.
Glittering Suncatcher Glass Art on Cottage Porch on
Richmond Beach Road

Hundred year old homes reflect our heritage, while newer homes large and small reflect the dreams of residents.
Spectacular fall color in laceleaf maple on
Richmond Beach front yard.

Many historic views abound in Richmond Beach. 
Magnificent Madrones frame sparkling late
afternoon from historic steps at Richmond Beach Park
where once stood the Richmond Beach School 

On the bluff overlooking Richmond Beach Saltwater Park
Madrones are backlit by stormy autumn sky
Saltwater Park is one of the most spectacular gems in Shoreline's Park System. With a wonderful beach
where families pick up rocks and shells to study the live beneath. 

Now the BSRE development proposes 3000 units of housing, and residents wonder what will become of the quiet on Richmond Beach Drive where skies and water put on a daily show.
October afternoon "sunburst" cloud formation at Richmond Beach Drive
Will 4-10,000 vehicles a day buzz by?
What will the future hold for our youngest residents and visitors. Will Richmond Beach remain a quiet place or will traffic jams keep residents from reaching work or home? 

The future is uncertain, but I believe that Richmond Beach is a special place worth fighting for.

Children standing below the "arcade" at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park
looking out at the sunset over Puget Sound, in early September.

Despite Politics and Other Concerns of Humans, Beaver Pond Park (formerly Thornton Creek Park Six) Keeps on Buzzing with Wildlife

Northgate Resident, Bob Barta Observed Great Blue Heron at Beaver Pond Park on Thornton Creek at Northgate.
Great Blue Heron finds regular meals at Beaver Pond Park
on Thornton Creek
ph credit - Bob Barta

Bob Reports -
"Just a few minutes before taking this shot, the Heron caught a fist about 4 inches long and to other small fish. 

Wildlife is flourishing on Thornton Creek."

Last week I also caught some nice fall color at the former Th Cr Park Six which is now a rather big pond thanks to the clever beavers. 
Lovely Beaver Pond in the middle of
Northgate neighborhood!
ph credit - Janet Way