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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore"

OK. They're crows. But they are raven relatives!

Neighborhood Crows on Halloween
photo credit-Janet Way         

And the Seagull seemed to need to keep an eye on the crows who were looking for trouble as usual.

Maybe he was pondering the "weak and weary" too?
Apologies to Poe.

Happy Halloween! Fun at Central Market's Event

Community Gardens Group's Afia Menke and Friend enjoy the fun at
Central Market's Halloween Carnival
Central Market provides a great Halloween "carnival" for the community.

Hundreds of kids and families lined up for attrations at the Central Market tonite. 

Free Hay Rides

Community Garden Group signs up families for portraits
Portraits on vintage tractor sponsored by Community Garden Group

Shoreline's Community Garden Group Sponsored Photo Memories

Photos provided by local photography studio

Local family enjoys the scene after having their portrait taken

Voters! Pro and Con Again on Prop #1

To all of us "thoughtful"  voters, who miss voting at the polls -

Last minute Pro and Con on Shoreline's Prop 1.

These opinions were first printed in the Shoreline Area News.
Pro - 
from Will Hall Deputy Mayor

Add caption
As someone who cares about Shoreline, your decision on Proposition 1 is important. If approved, the city can maintain our parks, police, and community services. If not, there will be major, permanent cuts in services that we need to keep Shoreline a great place to live. I'd like to share why I'm asking you to join me in voting "Yes" on Shoreline Proposition 1.

Our community formed the City of Shoreline 15 years ago to preserve our great schools and to get better services than we got from King County. We've done that. Crime is down. Flooding is down. Our parks are better. We have miles of new sidewalks and the Interurban Trail. We have a vibrant senior center and great programs for youth. The list goes on and on. Please vote Yes on Proposition 1 to protect these important improvements.

In the past ten years (since Tim Eyman's initiatives), the city's property tax levy increased 9% while inflation increased 27%. In real dollars, that means we are giving the city 18% less property tax than we did in 2000! The city has done an amazing job of cutting costs by over $2 million to make ends meet. The city cut employee health benefits, eliminated cost-of-living adjustments for two years, slashed travel budgets, reduced staff, and made dozens of other cuts in administrative expenses. And still, Shoreline is one of the best places to live in the region. That's an incredible value, and a tribute to the fiscally conservative work of city leadership.

As a result, the City of Shoreline is one of the most efficient cities in the state, with 25% fewer employees than comparable cities, employee salaries below comparable cities, and one of the lowest city property tax rates in the region. There simply is no more waste or excess to cut in the city budget without eliminating entire programs.

Without Proposition 1, the city will have to make $14 million in cuts to the services that make this a great, and safe, place to live. If we want to preserve what makes our city special, we need to vote "Yes" on Proposition 1.

I know the economy is in terrible shape right now. Many of my neighbors are unemployed, living on fixed income, or hurting financially. I've had my pay reduced two years in a row. My wife hasn't seen a raise in years. I don't like paying taxes any more than the next person. But I don't want to turn my back on people who depend on city services during these difficult times.

What do you like best about living in Shoreline? People tell me they want to live in a safe community with clean streets, free parks for kids to play, and city staff that work to protect our neighborhoods. For an average of $7.60 per household per month, we can preserve those things and still have a great city for a bargain price.

If you have questions, please let me know. You can also learn more from thecity's website.  Thank you for caring about our community and this important choice.  

Please vote "Yes" on Shoreline Proposition 1.

From Arthur Peach -
Arthur Peach is the Chair of the No on Prop 1 Committee

We need fundamental financial reform in Shoreline. Proposition 1 raises taxes, but makes only gesture, not a real promise, toward maintaining the services. It would allow the City to use the additional revenue any way it sees fit. The City of Redmond faced a shortfall similar to ours several years ago and addressed it with a fundamental reformation of the way it constructed its budget. According to Redmond Mayor Marchione the result has been a 9% decrease in expenses while maintaining all services (SEATTLE TIMES, OCTOBER 5). If Redmond can cut expenses and keep services, Shoreline can too!

Raising property taxes will create a greater problem for our City; more businesses will leave, more homes will go up for sale or worse, go into foreclosure. Shoreline already pays the highest cumulative property tax rate in King County. Proponents of Proposition 1 argue that Shoreline only receives about $0.10 on the dollar, but do not take into account the issues that arise with the effects of cumulative taxes on the citizens. The City needs to adjust to the reality that we are all facing - we have to do more with less.

Retaining services during an economic downturn is always difficult. What few people know is that each year for the last 10 years the City has transferred on average $1.4 million from the Operating Budget to the Capital Improvement Projects. The City needs to correct the structural gap between expenses and revenues. The City has not reevaluated employee health care plans since 2003. We could save money and protect health care coverage at the same level by reevaluating. We could develop a larger retail sales tax base, creating incentives to keep existing businesses and recruit new ones, instead of driving them out. We could move the police department to City Hall. We need solutions, not a tax that leaves a structural problem for future Shoreline residents.

We can see the City through this crisis without raising taxes.

Vote No on Proposition 1.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kenmore Resident Clyde Merriweather's Opinion on Tenure of Mayor David Baker

This is a previously posted opinion letter from longtime Kenmore businessman and citizen Clyde Merriweather.  David Baker is running against Rep Maralyn Chase for State Senate.

Clyde Merriweather - Kenmore Business owner
Perhaps one of the things that most bothers me is how exclusionary and autocratic Kenmore leadership has become.  Seeking the best decision for the masses has given way to just requiring  an assumed majority that fits the current leadership’s unexposed direction.

I have little doubt that the Mayor of Kenmore and City Council have imagined “their” plan.  I'm sure they have rhyme and reason.  Problem is, they don't feel it necessary to share “their” vision or at times, even to consult the citizen involved "Plan" developed and paid for by this city under different leadership.

Residents and their opinions have given way to having management that knows what's best.  By keeping information and decisions under cover residents will always be in need of someone to act and think in/for our benefit. 

At the same time remember, the Mayor is on his second term.  Perhaps it is we who are missing something.  The same can be remembered with George W. Bush which brings us to the bigger picture.  This country had better stop seeking people they can share a beer with and understand the whoever leads this country will not be looking good while trying to fix what others have broken.  We either bite the reality bullet or continue to pretend that those who broke it are the best choices for fixing it.

Clyde Merriwether

SESPA Ratifies Contract with Shoreline School District

Our Congratulations to all the SESPA members on their successful negotiation and ratification of their contract last night with Shoreline School District.

Your hard work has resulted in what looks like a fair contract.

It's great that SESPA has so much support from this community.

Best Regards,

Of Paramount Importance

SESPA demonstration this summer

I would like to thank everyone who came tonight to hear about and ratify our new 2 year contract. I want you all to know that your bargaining team worked very hard to get this new contract. Here is what was handed out tonight :
1) Duration: Two year agreement (2010-2011, 2011-2012)
2) Work Year/Calendar:
a) Any changes to the work year take effect in Year Two (2011-2012)
b) Language will define work year as follows:
· Security: Student Days + 4
· Elementary Nurses: Student Days + 10
· Middle School Nurses: Student Days + 10.5
· High School Nurses: Student Days + 11.5
· Behavior Techs: Student Days + 4
· Elementary Library Techs: Student Days + 4
c) In order to participate department and building-wide activities, agreed to a Letter of Agreement that provides:
· Up to two optional days for those employees listed above (as long as there are 175 student days or less).
· To work the two days, the employee will meet with a building administrator to develop a plan for the days.
3) Compensation:
a) Salary:
· Year One:
Ø .5% increase
Ø retroactive to 9/1/10
Ø paid through remainder of the year, beginning in November
· Year Two: additional 1.5% increase
· Any COLA or increase provided by the State will additionally be added to the salary schedule as has been done previously.
b) PSP and Degree Stipends – Increase by same % as salary:
· Year One:
Ø .5% increase
Ø retroactive to 9/1/10
Ø paid through remainder of the year, beginning in November
· Year Two: additional 1.5% increase
c) Market Study of Hourly Rates of Pay:
· Agreed to include the school districts in King and Snohomish Counties, excluding Index and Skykomish.
· Crossing Guard/Student Supervisor (SESPA 1)
· Security (SESPA 5)
d) Temporary 1:1 Paraeducators
· placed on the salary schedule
· granted salary schedule credit based on their actual original hire date
e) Agree to Strike Section 14.1
4) Benefits:
a) State Provided Health Benefits Allocation:
· Increase from $745 per FTE per month to $768 per FTE per month for 2010-2011.
· Subsequent years dependent on legislatures
b) Eligibility for Benefits:
· Reduced the number of hours required to be eligible for benefits from 20 to 17.5 hours/week
c) Insurance pooling will take place annually in November.
5) Professional Development:
a) Reduced the number of stipend days available:
· Year One:
> Pay rate for stipends:
* $27.50 per hour
* Overtime applies
> Eliminate one professional development day (stipend)
· Year Two:
> Pay rate for stipend:
* $27.50 per hour
* Overtime applies
> Eliminate the self-directed professional development day (stipend)
> One professional development day will remain
b) No change to eligibility for stipend:
· Employees who work greater than 3 hours are eligible for six hour stipend(s)
· Employees who work 3 hours or less are eligible for three hour stipend(s)
6) Leaves:
a) Sick Leave: Aligned language with SEA contract, expanding allowable uses
b) Personal Leave:
· Employees can cash out the difference between the number of days used and the allocation of three days:
> $11.00/hr in 2010-2011
> $12.00/hr beginning in 2011-2012
· Must request cashout by June 30
Section 20.4.3
An employee who uses less than the equivalent of three (3) days personal leave in a given school year may cash out the difference between the number of days used and the allocation of three (3) days at the rate of $11.00 dollars per hour, and beginning in 2011-2012 at the rate of $12.00 per hour. All personal leave cash out requests must be submitted to Payroll by June 30. Compensation for personal leave cash out will be included in the employee’s August paycheck. Personal leave cash out will be prorated for an employee who separates from employment before the end of the employee’s work year.
7) Updates & Cleanups:
a) Mobility Assistants: Clarified assignment of temporary hours to those whose schedules allow
b) Evaluation Timeline: Increased the timeline for an employee to respond to the evaluation (from 14 to 30 days)
c) Clarified vacation carry-over: May not exceed fifteen days
d) Clarified timelines for reclassifications
e) Incorporated attachment regarding catheterization into the CBA
f) Updated VEBA attachments


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maralyn Chase - A Lifetime of Dedication to Social Justice, Good Jobs, Environmental Quality

Maralyn Promotes Clean Water on Earth Day
Maralyn Chase - Working for Jobs, Justice and a Better World

Tampico General Store, Mayfield family business where Maralyn grew up.
A lifetime of dedication to small business. Maralyn gained the values of hard work first hand, growing up in eastern Washington. 

Rep Chase meets with constituents at Town Hall this spring
Maralyn serves on the board of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce to further her advocacy for locally owned and operated community businesses.   Maralyn developed the entrepreneurial  spirit and  the value of hard work while  growing up in Eastern Washington in a family-run, old fashioned general store.  
She started school in a one-room  country  school house with six grades that her  father and grandmother  had attended when they were young.  Maralyn went on to earn a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science and in 2008, was honored to be  named Distinguished Alumni.
Maralyn currently serves on a national working group of state leaders on energy and climate change working closely with the White House.  She serves  on the U.S .Green Business Council’s    legislative advisory committee for green schools, and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators  and the Seattle Indian Center.  
Maralyn (left) is a board member of the Shoreline Solar Project.
The non-profit helped worked with the City of Shoreline to
bring about this solar array in the new City Hall project in 2010.
The SSP sponsors the Solar Fest every summer.
Maralyn's family after Patty Murray Rally in front of
Murray  family's original "main street" small business storefront
(l-r) Carin Chase, Norma Mayfield, Maralyn, grandson Chase, Luis Moscoso
What are  people saying about Maralyn Chase? 
There are many outstanding people who are speaking out on Maralyn's record in her District.

     • Ray Carden, teacher - "Maralyn has always been a strong supporter of public education and the teachers and support staff who work there."

Small Business Owners: 
     • Shaun Dale - “....those of us who know her well recognize her work as a reflection of her strong dedication to the social and economic justice she's devoted a lifetime to pursuing and the kind of core integrity that we so often claim to want from our public officials."

Elected Officials:
    • Adrienne Monillas, Edmonds City Councilmember - "Maralyn Chase has always been a strong labor advocate. She has been a champion for Fircrest School and the rights of the disabled."

   • Publicola - No-BrainerRep. Maralyn Chase is an adamant liberal who will bring some demand-side economics to the stodgy Senate Democratic caucus.”

   • Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter - "Maralyn Chase has been an environmental trailblazer in the House, and will undoubtedly continue in that vein in the Senate. We consider Maralyn Chase to be an Environmental Champion of the first order, and strongly urge your support for her campaign. "
Maralyn Tweeted yesterday -
Maralyn tweeted: Come to "Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Celebration and last week of campaign party at Edmonds Senior Center!" Thursday, October 28 from... about 22 hours ago

Rep Maralyn Chase, D, Edmonds has
served in the State House
since 2002. She is a candidate for the
State Senate and is the 32nd District Democrats nominee.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speaker Frank Chopp Headlines Fundraiser for Cindy Ryu

Great Turnout at Fundraiser for Cindy Ryu Campaign Tonite
Speaker Frank Chopp speaks highly of Cindy Ryu's Abilities
photo credit-Janet Way
Cindy and Rep Maralyn Chase (Senate Candidate)

House Speaker Frank Chopp gave a warm speech endorsing Cindy's campaign and said he looked forward to her work in the State House.
He spoke about how community service such as the work Cindy has done, and the fact that she is a real person who has worked in the real world will make her a successful representative.

The event was attended by over 60 supporters including current and retired elected officials and many community supporters including, Rep Ruth Kagi, Rep Maralyn Chase, KC Assessor Lloyd Hara, Honorable Nancy Rust and Donn Charnley.

Cindy is joined by (L-R) Hon Nancy Rust, Rep Ruth Kagi and Hon Donn Charnley
Enthusiastic crowd of over 60 supporters enjoyed buffet from Nara Bistro
Cindy thanked the many supporters who've worked on her campaign
and talked about all the work they've done to help get her campaign 
on track. She said she's doorbelled 10,000 households thus far! 

She said that the stories the people will tell her about how the
legislation affects their lives will mean a lot in Olympia,
and how it will make a huge difference to hear from
constituents about what is happening back here.

Cindy also talked about Legislative Committees she's interested in serving on,
primarily Transportation, Local and State Government,
and Economic Development and Trade.

The election is this next Tuesday, one week away.

Remember to mail in your ballots by November 2nd!

Cindy shares a moments KC Assessor Lloyd Hara and
 with former
Shoreline School Boardmember Dan Mann
and Highland Ice Arena owner Rick Stephens

Shoreline's Prop I - What To Do? Pro and Con

OK. I've heard from both sides. I've stayed "neutral", and said I'd publicize both points of view.

I admit that I'm very torn on this one. I see the upside and down side of each option.
For today, I will just present information received from both campaigns.
Most of you have received some of these opinions already, but just to be fair,
I will present them again. So, here we go.

Today, I am not going to endorse either position. I will let the readers weigh in.
I'm certain that both sides will be unhappy that I'm not taking a position yet.

But, I reserve the right to be undecided yet.

Hope this is helpful.


Con -  (A definite Grass Roots Campaign with a Bi-Partisan makeup)

Proponents of this unnecessary, regressive tax hike say that Proposition 1 will maintain public services, preserve park programs, and keep vital community service programs. However, Proposition 1 does not contain any language that commits Shoreline to using funds from Prop 1 on basic public safety, parks, or community services. Money raised from Proposition 1 go into the General Fund, which could be spent on any purpose the City desires.

Even if this tax hike passes, City staff projects that by 2015, there will still need to be cuts in order to balance the budget.

Alternatives exist to raising taxes during tough economic times. The City can save our important services and create long-term financial sustainability without raising taxes. We need to tell our Council to continue to press for further efficiencies in city operations, to address the salary and benefit structure in City staff, and to do more with less. 

If we can do more with less, so can our government.

Arthur PeachNo on Prop 1 Shoreline Committee
18336 Aurora Ave N, Ste 112 # 404
Shoreline WA 98133

Pro -  
 (The campaign has some very slick presentations, while the NO side is more "Grass Roots).

Contact Information:
Carolyn Hope

Shoreline = An Efficient City with Quality 
Vote Yes on Proposition 1 to Maintain our 
Quality of Life

  Clean and Safe Streets, Parks, Neighborhoods

It is your choice, Vote Yes to Maintain Services 
or No for Cuts
Only 10% of your total property tax bill goes to the 
City of Shoreline.  
These funds help provide services 
citizens need and use every day - 
services like well-maintained streets 
and sidewalks, beautiful parks 
and trails, and safe neighborhoods.  
Shoreline is one of the most efficiently run 
cities in the region.  
The property tax rate = one of the lowest 
in King County
It has fewer employees than most 
comparably sized cities and 
average salaries and benefits. 
The City receives very competitive 
benefits through the Association 
of Washington Cities 
health insurance pool
which negotiates for the benefits 
of hundreds of cities.
Check out how efficent the city is at   
The proposed 2011 Budget is 
1.1 percent lower than 2010; 
it proposes no cost of living increases 
for the second year in a row
the new jail contract saves us 
$700,000...and there's more!
What could $14 Million 
in cuts look like? 

This is not a proposal for cuts, but an example of the 
cost of key services 
and the kinds of cuts that might 
be necessary if Proposition 1 fails.

Vote YES on Shoreline Proposition 1 
by November 2!
For more information go to 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow! Times Pulls Endorsement of State Supreme Court Justice

The Seattle Times has pulled its endorsement 
of Justice Richard Sanders.

Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, made some controversial statements recently, implying
"blacks... [have} a crime problem".

Sanders opponent is Charlie Wiggins, who was endorsed by the 32nd District Democrats.
Mr Wiggins has been championing "judicial independence" as an attorney who practices law and tries cases at the Supreme Court.

Publicola has a brief item on this matter.

Election 2010News & Politics

On Other Sites: Seattle Times Pulls Endorsement

By Josh FeitMonday, October 25, 2010 at 12:57 PM
0 Comments and 0 ReactionsThe Seattle Times has rescinded its endorsement of state Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders because of recent statements Sanders’ made about blacks having a “crime problem” because they commit a disproportionate percent of crimes—apparently dismissing  long list of social factors, like inadequate legal representation and policing policies, that affect African Americans.
The Times, which pulled its Sanders endorsement yesterday, is now endorsing Sanders’ opponent, Charlie Wiggins.
PubliCola endorsed Wiggins, a Bainbridge Island attorney, as one our early No Brainer PubliCola Picks.