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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Town Center - A Place That Matters in Shoreline!

We've talked a lot about Places That Matter in this blog. And today, I'm responding to a statement made in Shoreline LFP PATCH.
Shoreline's Ronald Place

Columnist Larry Lewis has an interesting column about the Town Center proposal which recently passed at City Council. He made a lot of correct statements, but I believe he's not correct in his final statement where he stated that there are,
"very few historical artifacts and places here." 
I responded that in fact we DO have many historical elements left, though some are not obvious. Here's my statement to him in a comment.
Good column on the Town Center. However, I beg to differ with your last statement that we have "very few historical artifacts and places here".
In point of fact, the Red Brick Road (Ronald Place or North Trunk Road) is VERY historical and though it may be a bit below the radar of many, it is right there guiding us to a possible future that honors our heritage and especially points the way to a town center that can be a vibrant commercial area, where people can live, work and recreate. It is eligible for the National Historic Register.

The Red Brick Road can be highlighted and continued up through Firlands Way, which can be a "walkable street" potentially. The Town Center Park, could be a place that highlights the "RBR" and compliments it with places of interest to visit, such as a "interpretive center" about our history of development along Aurora Ave, maybe gardens, art, and how about an "arcade" to use as a shelter for events?
Also, as you mention we do still have other remaining historical elements and gems that can be highlighted. They are there if you care to look like the Richmond Masonic Lodge, Highland Ice Arena, Ronald Methodist Church, Auto Cabins and yes, the "outside" of the Ronald School. We also have many other historical elements in Shoreline, such as in Richmond Beach, The Crest Cinema, the Fircrest Chapel, and the old Firlands buildings, amazing parks, huge trees and many more.
The trick is we need to allow beneficial development that does not inadvertently destroy what's left and which can enhance our remaining heritage. Look at what some other cities have done to take advantage of their "main streets", like Bothell, Snohomish and Anacortes. We can still do a lot to make this a great place to live and also to visit.

Shoreline's Red Brick Road (Ronald Place or North Trunk Road), was built in 1912. That's right, next year will be the Centennial of this wonderful artifact. It is the last remaining piece of the original Aurora Ave, Hwy 99.  Shoreline became a place, because Judge J.T. Ronald advocated, cajoled and invested in having it built (he was a former Mayor of Seattle who built a summer home here). He dug the curving section that remains (Ronald Place) himself to ensure that it went around his house and well. He then donated the property for the Ronald School, because he believed in education. He's previously demanded a trolley station on the Interuban Rail, which ended up being named for him, though he had wanted it named for his daughters.

Let's make the Town Center Park a "Centennial Walk" to celebrate 100 years of our community's development, that extends up Firlands Way and provides an informative trail all around out Town Center.

Red Brick Road
Of course we also have many, many other historical elements here, which could be highlighted as we develop our Town Center and Town Center Park, if we plan carefully, and creatively. Let's get this right Shoreline! So many worthwhile things in Shoreline, if you just know where to look!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Earthcorps Making Trails in Shoreline

Today, Earthcorps, a non-profit that contracts with the City of Shoreline to do environmental restoration projects is beginning work on improving trails in Paramount Park Natural Area.
Earthcorps brings students from around the world to
learn about environmental stewardship and
restoration practices.

They are being funded from the 2006 Parks, Open Space and Recreation Bond passed by Shoreline Voters.

The "Trails" section of that bond has been used to improve and build trails throughout the city since it was passed.

This trail leads from 10th Ave NE North of the park, down the hill to NE 148th, (which are both just discontinued roads now) and back over to 12th NE. This will improve the eroded trail and prevent some of the runoff from entering Littles Creek (we hope). The crossing over Littles Creek is dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians because of the overtopping that happens with heavy rains.

Let's hope this fix will last a while and make it a safer and more environmentally friendly trail.

Thanks for your help Earthcorps!!

Cool Caterpillar Found in Kubota Gardens

Arborist Michael Oxman sends the stripey caterpillar from Kubota Gardens.

Nature is so interesting!

Cool Caterpillar on Kubota
Anybody know the name? Or what kind of moth or butterfly it turns into?

Thanks Michael for your sharp eye.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Brave Freshmen Legislators File Suit to Overturn Eyman Initiative on Minority Rule

Northwest Progressive has the story on the suit filed today in King County Superior Court, by twelve courageous freshmen legislators and one former Chief Justice to challenge the Eyman Two-Thirds Rule.

They are doing this on behalf of parents, teachers, students, and lawmakers, because they believe that the I-1053 is Unconstitutional and because "Majority Rule" is clearly required in the State Constitution for all legislation and laws. 

The freshmen were very distressed with the 2/3 requirement in this session, because of the draconian cuts that had to be made to the budget, which severely impact local school district's abilities to fund basic K-12 education and many other needs. 
Rep Cindy Ryu, D-32
Cindy Ryu is one of the freshmen who has put her name on the suit. She has always been a strong advocate for public education and came from a family that believes in striving for the highest educational accomplishments through public schools and public universities. Rep Ryu emigrated from Korea and became an American citizen because her parents worked very hard to give her and her brothers the opportunities through hard work to achieve a good future. She has an MBA from the University of WA and two of her children have already graduated from the same school.

Northwest Progressive Institute

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Parents, teachers, students go to court to get Tim Eyman’s I-1053 overturned

A coalition representing parents, teachers, students, and lawmakers announced this morning that it has filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court asking that Tim Eyman and BP’s Initiative 1053 be fully stricken from the Revised Code of Washington because it is blatantly unconstitutional.
Plaintiffs include the League of Education Voters, Washington Education Association, State Representatives Sam Hunt, Reuven Carlyle, Cindy Ryu, David Frockt, Deb Eddy, Chris Reykdal, Mike Sells, and former Chief Justice Robert Utter.
The suit contends, as we have for years, that I-1053 violates Article II, Section 22 of the State Constitution, which holds that the standard for passage of legislation shall be a majority vote, in keeping with the intentions of America’s founders. It asks that I-1053 be abolished in its entirety, and our state’s Constitution upheld.
We hope the suit will be successful, but if history is any indication, our courts will try to shirk their responsibility to defend our Constitution and wash their hands of this matter, as they have in the past. The Supreme Court of Washington has dismissed – on technicalities – a grand total of three prior lawsuits that justifiably sought to invalidate I-1053′s predecessors, I-960 and I-601. The Court has never decided the constitutional question that is at the heart of this lawsuit. Hopefully, that will happen this time. But we won’t be too surprised if it doesn’t. We’ve watched the courts dodge having to deal with this matter before. That’s the unfortunate precedent they’ve set.
I will be posting some additional analysis of the suit a little later.
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Potholes! Let's get them fixed

Pothole in your neighborhood? 
Salsby Shores Homowner very concerned about this persistent hole in front of their driveway.
The City dumped some asphalt in but it just sunk again. Weird.

So report them to the City. And maybe just one email or call isn't enough. Staff are busy, and maybe the "squeaky wheel" will get the problem taken care of.

Thanks to Shoreline Area News and City Public Works Maintenance Supervisor for requesting reports of the problem areas. We have an 11 mile wide city with A LOT of streets. Please be a little patient but persistent.

Thanks for helping out with this perennial problem!


Turn in your potholes, Shoreline residents

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

The Shoreline Public Works department wants to know about potholes on city streets. Not only potholes, but cracks, low spots, and other imperfections in Shoreline City streets.

Operations Manager Jesus Sanchez says, "It's easier and more cost-effective to fix a small crack in the road than to wait until the road is in full failure."

If you live in the Echo Lake neighborhood, they want to know right away, and your streets will get priority. (See story).

Public Works has made it as easy as possible to report those flaws, by providing a variety of ways to communicate with them.

Customer Response Team
If you have an honest-to-goodness pothole, call the CRT at 206-801-2700. They'll have someone out within 24 hours to do a temporary fill and they'll create a work order for Public Works crews.

On-line form
If you have something not so urgent, you can create a work order for Public Works by going on their website and filling out a simple form.


Fax Brian  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Forrest Sargent Featured Again in Group Show at Oasis Gallery in Wallingford

Forrest Sargent is a local photographer and also a resident of Fircrest School.
He has his own studio and can be reached through his website,

His section of the show is called,

Forrest makes a statement on his site stating his situation:
"I have autism. I show the secret beauty in things."
His work is now featured in a group show at the Oasis Gallery in Wallingford entitled
"Beneath The Surface". They are hosting an opening reception August 3rd, 6-9pm.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SAVE Richmond Beach Wants Help With Signage

Save Richmond Beach is requesting folks to Adopt-A-Sign saying 
"No Urban Center at Point Wells". 

You can help by adopting one of these signs for $10 and helping distribute signs this Sunday.

Contact the Save Richmond Beach organization at - 

Check their website -

Adopt-a-sign program to begin this Sunday, July 24

The Washington State Growth Board ruled this spring that Point Wells is entirely inappropriate for an Urban Center development. However, Snohomish County and the developer didn't get the message and are attempting to proceed with the development in spite of the ruling.
Starting this Sunday, July 24, you will likely start seeing some new signs out and about in the neighborhood. The signs, which read “No Urban Center at Point Wells”, are intended to alert the developer and Snohomish County that we will NOT accept an Urban Center at Point Wells.

Help put up signs this Sunday
We need a handful of volunteers to help with the signs this Sunday. We will be meeting at 1PM on July 24 to put the "No Urban Center at Point Wells" signs out. Please join us if you have an hour, or maybe two to help out. Email if you can join us. Meet-up location will be sent upon request. 

The 78 Minute Summer!

Ouch! According to some weather measurements, we've only had 78 minutes of "summer" so far this year! KOMO News had this headline. 

Seattle: Home of the 78-minute summer
Several weeks ago, at Low Tide Beach Walk. Cloudy skies
and chilly temps. But fun anyway looking for cool sea life at
RB Saltwater Park.

I think most of us would agree. 

But, don't be sad, just start "Singin' in the rain"!  Pretty soon we'll get a hot day and all the Seattleites will say "ENOUGH! BRING BACK THE COOL!" You'll see.
Little guy with Bumbeershoot at Solar Fest

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Northgate Light Rail Station Design Event

"Get in on the ground floor" for the Light Rail Station design process at Northgate.

Correction: This event is NEXT week, Tues, 7/26!
 6-9pm at Alijoya at Thornton Place.


Community Design Study for the 
Northgate Light Rail Station
Open House

Tuesday, July 26, 6 - 9 p.m.
Brief presentation at 6:30 p.m.
Aljoya Senior Apartments at Thornton Place
450 NE 100th Street

Enter at Aljoya’s front door at the corner of 5th Ave. NE and 100th St.
Off-street parking is available at Group Health just south of 100th St.
Please join us to give us your thoughts on how to create a vital community 
at the light-rail station.
The City of Seattle, King County, Sound Transit 
and other agencies are beginning a study to explore possibilities, and we need your input.
We are exploring opportunities related to:
  • Pedestrian and bicycle connections to the station, including a
    • bridge crossing of Interstate 5
  • Public spaces in the vicinity – parks, sidewalks
  • How to create an active neighborhood near the light rail station
  • Connecting bus and rail service
  • Creating a healthy and sustainable community
Tell us your priorities and help influence the future of this area south of Northgate Mall.
For more information, please visit:  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

And Solar Fest WAS Too Cool, and HOT! A Photo Essay

Solar Cooking Seranades on Solar Row

The Eighth Annual NW Solar Fest was indeed bigger and better than ever!  Latest estimates put the number of attendees in the thousands! 
Graham Kerr, the "Galloping Gourmet" Headlined
Graham Kerr shared ideas for Solar Cooking on Solar Cooker Row.
Peas cooked up by the Sun even on a "So-so" sunny day in
Shoreline, WA.

Over 80 exhibitors this year provided something for everyone. Every conceivable technology with Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living was on display.
Silicon Energy, a NW based Company, was a co-sponsor.

Thousands of Fairgoers had their choice of fun and educational
activities, Solar House in backround
The Solar Fest is an event conceived and presented by the Shoreline Solar Project beginning in 2004 when Larry Owens and Maryn Wynne and others began by taking advantage of the City Light sponsorship of a Solar Energy installation at Meridian Park Elementary School. It was then the only public building in Shoreline with a solar installation. 

Now Maryn and Larry head up this incredible effort with an amazing fair held at the Shoreline Community College. It is the largest "grass-roots" renewable energy fair in the Northwest. 
Maryn Wynne and Larry Owens celebrate that
Solar Fest is underway with the sun shining!
Kidzone was a hit as usual with lots of fun activities. The Solar Fest Kidzone is headed up by Carin Chase. Every kid received a "Solar Powered Car" to take home for FREE! 
Carin Chase helps the little solar techs with projects

Mini Solar Car Races fascinate the younger set

Musik Garden provides
fun sounds and fun for volunteers too

Solar Fest had a huge Volunteer contingent of
dozens of helpers of all ages!

Little Fellow Enjoys Solar Fountain
Solar Fest can't be beat for Education
Which is why it is co-hosted by
Shoreline Community College
and many other sponsors.

Many other pictures tell the story of the day.  Great Food!
Family run restaurant Jerseys based in Shoreline
served up their great slaw, salads, chowder and famous
homemade BBQ chips

Great Entertainment! 
Puppets Save The World with good energy
toured the site
Great Non-profits and Companies Exhibited and talked to visitors throughout the day.

Diggin' Shoreline crew for Community Gardens
l-r, Judy Greisel, Londa Jaques, and Joyce Schowalter

At Shoreline Historical Museum table
Director Vicki Stiles shows off
Peter Rabbit coloring art

Hungry-hungry Frogs Toy at Just Frogs-toads Too
in Kidzone presented by Thayer Cueter

So many folks made Solar Fest happen including SSP treasurer and Shoreline City Councilmember Chris Eggen
Chris Eggen pitches at Solar Fest
at Sustainable Shoreline booth
And so much cool tech, it was buzzin!
The Tesla! 

Solar Panels power the Solar House at the SSC Campus
And a Super Solar Time was had by all at Solar Fest!! What a great asset to our City and Region! 
Sierra Brews hosted the "After Party" at
the Beer Garden
(and thanks to Cleanscapes for
co-sponsoring the event!)
Can hardly wait till next year's Solar Fest!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NW Solar Fest - Better Than Ever

Solar Hot Water Heating System

It's the Pride of Shoreline, the NW Solar Fest, the biggest grass roots, renewable energy event in the region. So many exciting features, booths, speakers, bands, food and hopefully THE SUN! 
You just can't go wrong with Solar Fest. And it's FREE! 

And its so HOT it's COOL!! 

July 16th, 2011
Shoreline Community College
New Hours:
10 am – 6 pm
Music, food and beer garden open until 8 pm
Headliner Band
 Yogoman Burning Band
Metro Routes #330, 331, 345 serve the college on Saturdays

Grants provided by City of Shoreline Environmental Mini-Grants.

Check out the fun slide show and song on the Shoreline Solar website.



Solar Cooking by Chef Graham Kerr

* Demonstration of the revolutionary Evolucient Plastic to Oil Systems (see orgs press release)

* Mini solar cars (free for the first 300 kids) giveaway and races in the KIDZone, supported by Snohomish PUD

Zero Energy House interactive tours

* "Cooking With the Sun" by Jack Lavin and Larry Owens. Song written for Shoreline Solar Project

Shoreline Auxiliary Communications Service van solar powered by Shoreline Solar Project

* Viking 45, Western Washington University Vehicle Research InstituteProgressive Automotive X PRIZE team vehicle

* Beer Garden featuring Sierra Nevada Brewing

* After Party with Yogoman Burning Band

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wildlife Habitat Tour - Where Our Wild Things Are in Shoreline

Wildlife will rule in Shoreline on Saturday, 7/9! 
Red-Breasted Sapsucker seen in Shoreline
ph credit - Steve Schneider
The WOWTA Backyard Wildlife Tour will be featuring habitats in Briarcrest and Ridgecrest Neighborhoods.  And, neighbors are looking forward to a fun filled day with inspiring gardens to see.
The tour will feature yards that are "Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats", by the National Wildlife Federation and also the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. 

The project is sponsored by Shoreline's Community Backyard Wildlife Project, created originally by Sustainable Shoreline Education Association. Shoreline has been officially "Certified" as a Community Habitat after succeeding in registering a large number of residences, schools, parks and businesses.
The WOWTA Tour is also supported by a Shoreline Environmental Mini-Grant.
Black-capped Warbler
ph credit - Chris Southwick

Find out how to take the tour by visiting their WOWTA Website or their WOWTA Facebook Page. 

Free admission - Mini learning experiences at each location!
Starting location to pick up maps on day of tour: Briarcrest Elementary, 2715 Northeast 158th Street, Shoreline, WA, 98155

All Participating Habitats are: National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Watching wildlife is fun, and creating a wildlife habitat sanctuary is a healthy way to give back to the Earth. It’s easy!
Please join us at WOWTA's second annual Wildlife Habitat Tour in the city of Shoreline!

about us picture
WOWTA is a wildlife backyard tour organized by volunteer habitat stewards in the City of Shoreline. We will show you a variety of wildlife habitats and how easy it is to create a wildlife habitat of your own in your backyard, school, and place of worship, business or public building.

latest projects picture
  • Increase the ease and comfort for you to create or enhance wildlife habitat
  • Increase your participation in the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Certification Program
  • Celebrate your wildlife accomplishments!

contact us picture
To be involved with the WOWTA Habitat Tour visit our Facebook Page.
WOWTA is a Shoreline Community Wildlife Habitat Tour sponsored by the City of Shoreline 
in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and organized by volunteer 
Shoreline Habitat Stewards

Here are the four items you need
:Food | Water | Shelter | Place to raise young