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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ronald School, Remember What's at Stake

Looking Out at Shoreline
What Does the Future Hold?
The Ronald School
Built in 1912
Ronald School Safety Patrol
Images of the Ronald School, built in 1912. 

Remember what it means and what's at stake. 
Shoreline Historical Museum , since 1976 offers Archives
and research IN the Ronald School where History Lives!

1935 Model-T Drives into the Museum Basement for display
An Authentic early 20th Century Classroom,
where so many learned to read and write
and made the foundations of Shoreline
photo credit-Janet Way

Early Image of Ronald School with Students Assembled

Cataloguing the Past - The Shoreline Historical Museum kept (keeps) our History!

1914 - St John Family Picnic in front of Fircroft family home, Richmond Beach

1924 -Lake Forest Park School now GONE!
photo credit-Vicki Westberg
The Ronald School in 2010

Don't Erase History! 
Attend the Landmarks Commission Hearing, Thursday, October 14th at the Richmond Masonic Hall, N185th and Linden Ave N. 

"Certificate of Appropriateness" Application for 
Shorewood HS/Ronald School "incorporation".



  1. What's happening with the museum?

  2. All,
    More updates tomorrow! News! Stay tuned.