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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shoreline's Prop I - What To Do? Pro and Con

OK. I've heard from both sides. I've stayed "neutral", and said I'd publicize both points of view.

I admit that I'm very torn on this one. I see the upside and down side of each option.
For today, I will just present information received from both campaigns.
Most of you have received some of these opinions already, but just to be fair,
I will present them again. So, here we go.

Today, I am not going to endorse either position. I will let the readers weigh in.
I'm certain that both sides will be unhappy that I'm not taking a position yet.

But, I reserve the right to be undecided yet.

Hope this is helpful.


Con -  (A definite Grass Roots Campaign with a Bi-Partisan makeup)

Proponents of this unnecessary, regressive tax hike say that Proposition 1 will maintain public services, preserve park programs, and keep vital community service programs. However, Proposition 1 does not contain any language that commits Shoreline to using funds from Prop 1 on basic public safety, parks, or community services. Money raised from Proposition 1 go into the General Fund, which could be spent on any purpose the City desires.

Even if this tax hike passes, City staff projects that by 2015, there will still need to be cuts in order to balance the budget.

Alternatives exist to raising taxes during tough economic times. The City can save our important services and create long-term financial sustainability without raising taxes. We need to tell our Council to continue to press for further efficiencies in city operations, to address the salary and benefit structure in City staff, and to do more with less. 

If we can do more with less, so can our government.

Arthur PeachNo on Prop 1 Shoreline Committee
18336 Aurora Ave N, Ste 112 # 404
Shoreline WA 98133

Pro -  
 (The campaign has some very slick presentations, while the NO side is more "Grass Roots).

Contact Information:
Carolyn Hope

Shoreline = An Efficient City with Quality 
Vote Yes on Proposition 1 to Maintain our 
Quality of Life

  Clean and Safe Streets, Parks, Neighborhoods

It is your choice, Vote Yes to Maintain Services 
or No for Cuts
Only 10% of your total property tax bill goes to the 
City of Shoreline.  
These funds help provide services 
citizens need and use every day - 
services like well-maintained streets 
and sidewalks, beautiful parks 
and trails, and safe neighborhoods.  
Shoreline is one of the most efficiently run 
cities in the region.  
The property tax rate = one of the lowest 
in King County
It has fewer employees than most 
comparably sized cities and 
average salaries and benefits. 
The City receives very competitive 
benefits through the Association 
of Washington Cities 
health insurance pool
which negotiates for the benefits 
of hundreds of cities.
Check out how efficent the city is at   
The proposed 2011 Budget is 
1.1 percent lower than 2010; 
it proposes no cost of living increases 
for the second year in a row
the new jail contract saves us 
$700,000...and there's more!
What could $14 Million 
in cuts look like? 

This is not a proposal for cuts, but an example of the 
cost of key services 
and the kinds of cuts that might 
be necessary if Proposition 1 fails.

Vote YES on Shoreline Proposition 1 
by November 2!
For more information go to 


  1. Thanks Janet for posting both sides of the campaigns for and against Prop. 1.

    I feel that the NO campaign does not have consistent information to use as a base. The assumption that the money may not be used for parks and community services doesn't make sense - Shoreline, like any other government agency, operates under strict state laws and cannot use the money at will.

    Like you I try to stay neutral, but in this case I'm supportive of the proposition. Shoreline has always been open to my needs, so now it's time I show my support to the city as well.

  2. The Yes campaign has consistent information to use because they are using the city materials prepared for the past two years.

    The Yes campaign has received thousands of dollars in city staff contributions (and the majority of the city staff don't live in Shoreline). In fact, the senior city staff had donated hundreds of dollars (actually, almost $2,000) more than three weeks before the city council approved proposition one for the ballot. OF COURSE IT IS MORE CONSISTENT, THEY HAD A HEAD START.