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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ronald Bog Park in Shoreline - Teaming with Wildlife!

One half hour visit to Ronald Bog Park on Friday, July 30th yielded a satisfying 
wildlife sighting total.

Most exciting was a possible sighting of an Osprey atop a snag next to the water.
Please help us ID this bird!

photo credit-Janet Way
Have you seen this bird at Ronald Bog? 
What other birds have you seen there?

Also sighted -

• nine ducks
• uncountable swallows
• many turtles
• robin
• one rat
• many dragon flies

                    Northern Shoveler (?)


Ducks on logs, can you see them? 

In the past many other water fowl, fish (and fishermen), and a beaver have been seen. What creatures have you seen?

Let us know.

1 comment:

  1. I've seen carp, pumpkinseed sunfish. river otters, sharp shinned hawks, osprey, great blue herons, northwestern garter snakes, common garter snakes, various waterfowl, kingfisher, various types of turtles, crawdads, beaver, nutria, rats, bullfrogs, and many other common birds.