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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Congressman Jay Inslee's Statement on Broadband Service and Net Neutrality

Congressman Jan Inslee's office released this statement yesterday on the Google-Verizon "deal".
This is something that should concern everyone who depends on the Internet for information and discourse.

Congressman Inslee has sponsored legislation , the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009.

The issue was covered originally on Publicola Blog.

This afternoon’s announcement from Google and Verizon falls far short of the net neutrality principles necessary to protect consumers online. I’m disappointed that such esteemed leaders would put forward a policy proposal that fails to protect the very foundation of the Internet’s success – open access for all.  Many of us have been warning for a number of years that broadband service providers would begin to use a lack of net neutrality regulations to prioritize their increasingly diverse business offerings and content, thereby jeopardizing open Internet access.  Today’s announcement is one more reason that the FCC must act to reclassify broadband and protect consumers online.  The American people deserve nothing less than a free and open Internet where ideas and innovation are allowed to flourish, and today’s proposal has made it even clearer that we cannot rely on industry alone to do just that.

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