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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Congressman Jay Inslee's Re-election Kick-off Success!

Tonight, First Congressional District Representative Jay Inslee announced his anticipated re-election campaign officially at a well attended Kick-Off event. The event was held at Shoreline Community College "PUB".

It was attended by over 200 guests, including several elected officials and candidates, supporters, family, friends and staff. He stated that he was glad to see some "not so old friends and new ones too".  His speech emphasized, over and over with all of his accomplishments for renewable energy efforts, clean water and open space aquisisition (such as Wild Sky Wilderness), and Health Care and Wall Street Reform, that America should move "forward and not backwards".  He also emphasized that he supports protecting local jobs by supporting Boeing's bid for the Air Force Tanker program.

Jay Addresses Supporters

Some young supporters joined Jay on the stage with some 
signs they created saying Vote for Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee co-authored a book a couple years ago entitled "Apollos Fire". 
The New Apollo Project emphasizes the following concepts:

  1. break our addiction to Middle East oil and protect our national security;
  2. take on the challenge of global warming; and
  3. grow our economy and create jobs.
The enregy and environment programs Congressman Inslee has introduced are just one area in which he works.  There are many others and he has many loyal supporters who know it.

Two excited Inslee Campaign volunteers

Jay Inslee's kick off was enjoyable for all of his supporters.

Jay and an enthusiastic supporter!

Jay shares a moment with Rep Maralyn Chase
who is taking home some signs.
She is also a candidate for State Senate this year.

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