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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Patty Murray Rally

Patty Murray Rally in Bothell Draws 
Hundreds of Supporters Friday.
Patty Murray Speaks at Friday Campaign Rally in Bothell
photo credits-Janet Way

The "mom in tennis shoes" walked on stage and captured the spotlight on Friday in Bothell, her hometown, on a spectacularly beautiful late summer day. She joined dozens of supporters on stage and brought attention to "Main Street" issues. The rally was held on Main Street in Bothell, WA which the city has chosen to preserve and utilize in recreating its town center planning.

Patty Murray spoke about her family, many members of which were on stage with her. She told the story of how as a child she worked in her dad's "Five and Dime" store on Main Street called "Merediths 10 Cent Store". The shop is now the "Alexa's Cafe", where her team gathered as its headquarters during the rally. She pointed out that small business is the backbone of our nation's economy and will be a focus of her campaign, because it represents the potential for growth and investment in our communities and her interest in protecting family wage jobs. She emphasized that she grew up in a small family business, and also experienced hardships when illness and economic difficulties impacted her parents. But, her parents made certain that she and her siblings succeeded by applying their skills and getting good educations.

Patty Murray volunteers in front of Alexa's Cafe (formerly Patty's dad's Five and Dime store)

Patty Murray was not shy about defining her opponent. Wall Street Reform legislation was one example of a distinction between herself and her opponent Dino Rossi. She emphasized her willingness throughout her career to advocate for her constituents, and to seek funding for local projects to provide jobs such as "Main Street" projects like the Bothell example, the Boeing Air Tanker, transportation and infrastructure, and recently the funding for teachers and local government.  She also emphasized her constant work in helping constituents solve problems.

Rally staged on Bothell's Main Street where small businesses are key

On stage with Senator Murray, were dozens of supporters from many local groups, labor and family members.

Murray supporters on stage
Excitement builds as speaker Iraq Veteran Pete ____ introduces Senator Murray
Another theme that has been important during Senator Murray's career has been her advocacy for veterans. Her dad was a veteran of WWII and Vietnam. She was the first woman to serve on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. She has been a strong advocate for funding veterans programs.

Senator Murray addresses large crowd 
Afterwards Patty Murray greeted many supporters and held a press conference in the Alexa's Cafe.
Patty poses with supporters after speech
Many Shoreline residents and members of the 32nd District Democrats attended the rally. Patty Murray began her career as a preschool teacher at Shoreline Community College and served on the Shoreline School Board, before being elected as a State Senator and then as US Senator in 1992.

Candidates Cindy Ryu and Maralyn Chase joined me in cheering Patty Murray
photo credit-Rose Lafoon
Chase Family and Candidate Luis Muscoso pose in front of Alexa's Cafe after rally
L to R - Carin Chase, Norma Mayfield, Rep Maralyn Chase, Chase Simurka, Lucky(dog) and Luis Muscoso

Dominique Stephens (in red) and partner waiting for rally to begin
She is staffing the North Headquarters of the State Democrats
Coordinated Campaign on Aurora Ave N in Shoreline.

Patty meets with supporters and press in Alexa's Cafe
formely her Dad's "Five and Dime" store

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