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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SESPA Informational Demonstration at Shoreline School District

The SESPA Union which represents many types of workers such as administrative assistants, school nurses, instructional assistants and other support workers who help our students, conducted an informational pickett in front of the Shoreline Conference Center, Monday to inform the District, and passersby of their situation.

SESPA Union Workers gather to inform each other about their situation
Photo Credit-Vicki Westberg

Over 100 members of SESPA gathered with handmade signs to tell the public about their situation.
They marched along First Ave and N 185th in Shoreline to stand up for their rights.

They are engaged in contract talks currently, but the District and Mediator called off talks till September 10th. The workers are asking for a contract in which they do not lose ground. They are calling attention to the big raises granted to administrators as workers work days are being cut and budgets are being slashed.
Students Before Bond Ratings says one sign at rally
photo credit-Vicki Westberg

About ten of their members and another five spoke at the School Board meeting to express their concerns about the policies of the School District towards workers.

They are calling on the School Board and Superintendent for fairness in their contract talks.
Their motto is -
Our living wage motto is Respected, Valued, Paid. We want to work to live not live to work!

Here is a link to the SESPA Blog for more information.


  1. I was one of those at that SD meeting. All of those dedicated teachers and para ed folks who care so much about being a part of providing decent education to all children in the public school system made such heartbreaking comments during and after the meeting: "working 2 or 3 jobs", not being able to make enough to live on and pay for basic needs, "taking a pay cut that now makes them eligible for food stamps and also makes it hard to get other basic needs", "now making 10 thousand a year which is equivalent to the Deputy Superintendents pay increase, alone", "I need them (the para eds)to do my job (as a teacher) but they don't need me", "lots of money for technology but a cut in teachers".

    It was hard for me to sit through it while looking at those powerful decision makers at the front of the room who couldn't be farther from that type of situation.

    Ironically, for just part of an evening those powerful folks sat at the lowest level in the entire auditorium, giving the impression that they are not so above the rest of the audience. For a moment we all could look down on them as they are treating real educator staff like they are worthless. Shameful! This must be reversed ASAP.

  2. Thanks JEDH for your great observations!