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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Latest Election Returns

State Capitol - Olympia

• Latest Returns - Wednesday, 8/18 (Corrected)
Shoreline Area News has additional details.

State Senate Race -

Democratic Candidate Rep Maralyn Chase continues to improve her lead over Republican, Kenmore Mayor Dave Baker.
Patty Butler received a very small percentage of the vote.

Patty Butler (D)         2,789 votes, 12.55%

Maralyn Chase (D)  10,444 votes, 47.01%

David Baker (R)        8,982 votes, 40.43%

Total Votes               22,215 votes, 100.00%

State Rep, Pos #1

Democrat Cindy Ryu increases her lead over Republican Coday. Shoreline Clmbr Doris McConnell
received only 20.25% of the vote.

Art Coday (R) ----------- 8,425 votes, 38.10 %

Cindy Ryu (D) ---------- 9,210 votes, 41.65 %

Doris Fujioka McConnell (D) - 4,478 votes, 20.25 %

Total Votes ------------ 22,113, --- 100.00%

State Rep, Pos #2

Democrat Rep Ruth Kagi continues her strong showing over Republican Gary Gagliardi. Stan Lippman did not run a credible campaign.

Stan Lippmann (Prefers Democratic Party)   --  1,730 votes,   7.79 %

Gary (G) Gagliardi (Prefers Republican Party) - 8,030 votes, 36.15 %

Ruth Kagi (Prefers Democratic Party)    -----    12,454 votes,  56.06 %

Total Votes             ---------------------------            22,124   ---     100.00%

LFP mayor orders across-the-board cuts in response to Prop. 1 defeat

By Evan Smith
ShorelineAreaNews Politics Writer

Lake Forest Park Mayor Dave Hutchinson announced a 10 percent across-the-board cut in City programs in response to the apparent defeat of the City's Proposition 1 in the Tuesday election.

The proposition would have let the City increase its property-tax revenue beyond the 1 percent increases allowed under a voter-approved State law.

Opponents said that the measure would have given the City a blank check to raise property taxes.

LFP ballots counted Wednesday afternoon saw the losing margin fall from 80.3-19.7 to 79.4-20.6 percent.

Wednesday's count raised LFP voter turnout to 39.75 percent of registered voters, with more expected to come in. King County elections officials had projected a 45 percent countywide turnout, but reported only 27 percent through Wednesday.Votes counted include ballots received by Tuesday morning. Elections officials say that it takes two days to open ballots and compile updated results.

King County expects to update results at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Results through Wednesday:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: * 3708 / 9328 39.75%

City Of Lake Forest Park Proposition No. 1 Levy For Retention Of Basic Public Safety And Other Services

YES        757 20.62%

NO        2914 79.38%

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