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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Voice-It Matters on the Museum Issue

Rally for OUR Shoreline Historical Museum
February 2010
photo credit-Steve Schneider

Many citizens who have been working day and night to save the Shoreline Historical Museum are wondering when YOU will speak out? 

Kids from Shoreline Area will ask "Why didn't the grown-ups
stop the destruction of our Museum?"

A lot of Museum supporters HAVE stood up for it, but many others, who are too confused have been silent lately. They may think it's too scary to speak out and question the Shoreline School District actions thinking "They must know what they are doing?" or "Even though this seems all wrong, there must be some good reason the School District is taking away our Museum".

Many brave citizens showed up in July to tell our
King County Executive about this important matter

But YOUR VOICE still matters. You can speak up to your School Board, your City Council, your King County Council. It's YOUR tax dollars that are going to be used to destroy the Shoreline Historical Museum.  

Does "This Place Matter"? Does the heart of Shoreline matter? Does having YOUR history preserved in the place it was intended to be located matter? 

YOU can do something! YOU can hold your elected officials accountable. 

It's YOUR "dime" people, YOUR Values and YOUR Heritage.

Betsy Ross Flag created by a woman of uncommon courage
YOU can write a letter to the School Board
or how about a letter to the Editor of Shoreline Area News?
Shoreline AreaNews ;

Does "This Place Matter"? YOU can decide with your voice or your silence! 


  1. he Shoreline Educational Association was one
    of the founders of the Shoreline Museum, along
    with many community activists and Ronald Alumni. And you are telling me that it is the
    Shoreline School District that wants to destroy the only Landmark and Educational Museum in Shoreline? Hard to believe....
    Barbara Monks...

  2. Believe it! As hard as it is to wrap your brain a round it, sadly this is the truth. We have the records of the last two years that shows their intent and actions were to kick the Museum out from the beginning.

    If not for the Landmarking of the building, the District would have happily torn it down too.

    Now the District is even trying to silence the Museum supporters from speaking out. But we will not be quiet. This is not a classroom where the teacher or principal is the authority. This is a democracy, where citizens have the right to speak and to know the facts.

  3. ps. One more thing. Where are the members of the Shoreline Education Association? Why aren't they speaking up? Ask them.

  4. I just read through all the SHM articles here on the blog. I especially enjoyed the "Why it Matters" post, which talks about the history of Shoreline and how the museum helps preserve that history. I always love looking for the old gas stations along 99, and now I see how they tie into the larger history of the early car culture of Seattle.

    Janet, what specifically can be done now? Are you asking us to write open letters to the Shoreline School district? If so, where should we send those letters? What else can be done at this point?

    -Ken W.

  5. You can send me a letter via and I will publish, and/or send an "open letter" to Shoreline Area News (at right) and also to Shoreline School Board.

    They must be held accountable for their actions. I don't know at this point if it will stop the freight train, but at least the perpetrators can be held accountable

    Thanks Ken!


  6. After seeing what this whole situation has come to, it is obvious the Shoreline School Board has the ethics of a Praying Mantis. Their agreement to move the museum building was made with no intention whatsoever of keeping their word, it was just a distraction to scam enough votes out of the public to pass a bond issue that couldn’t crawl, much less stand on it’s own merits. If these rat-hearted bottom-feeders want to steal the museum they will have to prevail in court to do so. I say we do everything we can to make this as difficult for them as possible. There are many ways to tie up court cases for a very long time, let’s use them all. Don’t worry about the moral high ground, we could never fight as dirty as these schoolyard bullies have already.

  7. Steve,
    Please send an email letter to editor of Shoreline Area News too with some of these thoughts. I'm very glad to hear from so many in these comments on this and other posts.

    And you can email me directly at


  8. The best way to dismantle the fabric of a society is to get rid of the knowledge bank, including the history of a people.

    Saving the building alone, while gutting out the common-sense museum use of this historic building is appalling, especially using public tax dollars and by the very institution we supported to educate our children, in context.

    It begs the question of whether the Shoreline School District leadership is merely interested in empire building in the name of parity and our children. Where are the school board members elected to represent us? There are more important things for them to be doing right now, such as supporting our teachers and support staff. Do they have any backbone?

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    The answer to your question is,
    their backbones are fused to Sue Walker's and Marcia Harris' backbones. They have none of their own.

    They need to be replaced and should NEVER hold higher office, though some of them may have that in mind.

    What they have done is shameful and they should hear this from the voters.

    Please write a letter to Shoreline Area News. Here is their news site.
    Shoreline AreaNews

  10. It's so easy to get a letter into the SA News on such an important issue like this! Steve, Ken, Barbara, and Anonymous. Do write! It's worth it! (-:

    For everyone that writes, over 100 folks share your thoughts on the subject and would love to see that they are not alone with this.

    It is very sad that we have to be writing about such a thing that seems so unbelievable. I am one of those folks who has been following this since I got word of it June '09.

    Yes, it's true. For a couple of years now, the District has done everything in its power to push out the Museum on to the streets, and put the Ronald Building at risk of either being gutted or torn down.

    I would be perfectly fine with this IF it was necessary for the needs of the students (as is specified in the Deed that the Museum holds), however there has been nothing shown or said by anyone, after repeated attempts of question asking to SSD, Sue Walker, and records requests, that supports this whole Historic Building takeover as being anything other that a very very deceitful theft from our community.