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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Save the Trees-Seattle Forms Broad Coalition

Sunday, a broad Coaliton of tree stewards united around a group in Seattle called 
Save the Trees - Seattle.

The group voted to promote a better permanent tree ordinance for Seattle and take action to inform the Seattle City Council, public and other decision makers to support the original intent of the Council to protect trees and promote better urban forestry goals. The group is comprised of activists and environmental stewards from all over Seattle and Shoreline to promote better protections for our urban tree canopy

The group met at the Broadview Library and pledged to meet regularly to propose constructive changes
to the current "Framework Goals" which Department of Planning and Development has drafted.
Another existing group called Save Seattles Trees was represented, along with representatives from several neighborhood councils representatives from the Maple Leaf, Wallingford, Haller Lake and Broadview Community Councils.  Also Seattle Audubon members attended (see previous stories on rare birds sighted that depend upon tall trees) and arborists and other groups such as the Seattle Community Federation.

Waldo Woods and Waldo Hospital (historic building in Maple Leaf)
which were saved in a several years long battle to protect "groves of trees"

The Save the Trees-Seattle group has been engaged in a prolonged effort to save the Ingraham HS grove of trees slated for destruction for the expansion of the High School.  

The broad goals are to educate the Council and Public on the value of urban trees, and also the broad interest from the public in protecting the Urban Forest Canopy. There are many reasons to preserve trees in the urban areas, but noteworthy were interests in overall ecological functions such as stormwater protection, habitat, shade value, air and water quality, and  other values such as neighborhood character, 
aesthetics, etc.  

It was clarified that exceptional trees should be one of the core protected elements. 

The Seattle City Council will eventually take up the matter of a permanent tree ordinance.
The Save the Trees-Seattle Coalition is working to help the Commission and Council create an effective tool for improving the overall urban forest canopy.

Willow tree in Seattle's Thornton Creek Park #1
near Jackson Park
photo credit-Janet Way

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