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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paper Wasps- Wildlife Sighting

Wasps serve important purposes in the natural world. 

The paper wasp looks somewhat like a yellow jacket, but is much less aggressive. Wasps are predators on other insects, such as catapillars. They are a valuable part of our ecosystems.

If you discover a wasp nest, try to live with it. But, if it's a concern there are "Intergated Pest Management" services that will relocate the nest for you. Or there are non-toxic ways of catching the insects and diverting them from your living areas.

Once the wasps leave the nest for the season, they make fascinating educational items to share with children.

Courtesy of Shoreline Area News -

Posted: 26 Aug 2010 12:34 AM PDT
About the size of a basketball.  Photo by Christine Goodrich.
Thanks to the Goodrich family for sharing this photo of their WASP tenants. The WASPs moved into a tree in their front yard during the beginning of summer. The family first noticed the nest on August 3 when it was "about the size of a basketball." 

Photo by Christine Goodrich
They are enjoying watching it grow - from a safe distance.

The photo on the right was taken from directly underneath the nest.  These are often called "Paper Wasps" because their nests are made of material which resembles thin sheets of gray paper.  If the nest is undisturbed, the workers will continue to add layers of "paper" to the outside of the nest.

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