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Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes, It's Earth Day. Make a Difference

Earth Day is just one day of course, but it is meaningful as a reminder to take action. 

A Billion Acts of Green is a site that is urging folks to just get started.

There are so many ways to help and make a difference. You can take action on so many sites to send important messages to your legislators, congressman, or local electeds. You can do something easy, or do something hard.  

Of Paramount Importance Blog tries to make a difference every day, by getting out the information about local and bigger regional issues. Today, Earth Day, we'll do a few stories about things GREEN of course. You can help by forwarding and replying with a comment. Send your suggestions, links and ideas.

Here are some easy ways to go green today:
• Plant a Tree
• Walk, bike or bus instead of driving (even just going for a walk or picnic in your local park is an act of green!)
• Call or email your elected officials about specific green legislation
• Buy something "organic" or shop at your local Farmers Market
• Increase your recycling AND use the axiom Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
• Turn down the thermostat
• Sign up for an "Energy Audit" 
• Be positive about the environment. Even with so much to worry about, there is much to celebrate.
Think about how the world used to be in 1971 and what has changed since then!

Thanks so much for checking in with Of Paramount Importance throughout the year! 


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