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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Carter Subaru Featured in PATCH for Green Business Profile

A well deserved feature in Shoreline/LFP Patch for Carter Subaru, a local auto dealership in Shoreline on Aurora Ave N
that cares about our community! 

They are a certified "Green Business" company by the Shoreline Green Business Program. 

They also support many local organizations  such as the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce,  Shoreline Solar Fest, Shoreline Historical Museum, Schools and many other organizations.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the symbol/logo and name Subaru represents the constellation
Pleiades and mean "unity" in Japanese?

Carter Subaru Carbon Neutral Mountain to Sound Greenway Tree Planting project. For every car that is test driven, they plant a tree. For every car sold they plant an additional three trees.See them in action.

Carter Shows The Way

Another local business doing some great things

by Larry Lewis

In my last “Where We Live” piece, “A Sort of Diet”, I talked about big picture ideas of what we need to do. There are companies which have stepped up and are doing wonderful, innovative things.
Carter Subaru is one of them. Now, how could that be? They sell cars, and driving is something we have to reduce, dramatically, right? Yes. And Subarus may be well made, but they’re not known for huge MPG numbers, right? True, though they’re a lot better now than decades ago. So how can they be ‘green’? Is this all “greenwash”?
In case you hadn’t heard of it before there’s a concept called ‘greenwashing’. It’s when a company, recognizing the public’s strong interest in environmental issues, will ‘rebrand’ themselves as eco-conscious even when they aren’t, just like the older term ‘whitewashing’.   
But Carter looks like the real thing. First, they are certified with the Shoreline Green Business Program, second, they have a program where for every test drive or purchase they plant trees in the Mountains To Sound Greenway to absorb carbon equivalent to a year’s normal driving.  
Carter Subaru’s website explains the great benefits this way:
Other benefits of the trees:
  • In addition to neutralizing greenhouse gases, these trees will also provide critical wildlife habitat.
  • These trees will also help in water storage. Forests act as sponges in times of heavy rain or snow, absorbing and then slowly releasing water, a critical function in decreasing flooding downstream.  
  • This reduction in flooding helps protect fragile Northwest salmon habitat. Additionally, trees planted along streams and rivers help cool the water temperatures in these waterways to levels that keep salmon healthy.  
  • Forested hillsides are a vital part of our Northwest identity. Through this partnership with the Mountains to Sound Greenway, we are ensuring that we will have permanently protected forests right on the edge of our cities for future generations. These forests are places where we will be able to hike and play forever.  

  • Third, they sponsored the North King County Green Business Conference in March and Jen Moran, their General Sales Manager, was the MC. They’re also part of the Seattle Storm’s Go Green program and other local initiatives.

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