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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Malalai Joya Touring Western WA-Brave Lady

Last Night the Courageous Afghan Woman Spoke in Fundraiser for Peace Action Seattle
Malalia Joya smiles at a little girl who had
asked her about how children are doing
in Afghanistan
Malalai Joya is making her second visit to western Washington this week and is captivating audiences all over the region with her story of how her country is impacted by western interventions, and corruption by fundamentalist warlords.  The tour almost didn't happen. Her Visa request was first denied, but because of action of the WA Congressional delegation, including Rep Jay Inslee, Rep Jim McDermott, Sen Patty Murray, Sen Maria Cantwell, and Rep Adam Smith's offices, she was given her visa, but missed the first part of her scheduled tour on the east coast.
Malalia hugs two little girls who came to see  her speak
at First Baptist Church
Malalai Joya has a unique perspective as a woman member of the Afghan National Assembly. She was the youngest person elected to the Parliament at that time. She was outspoken there and some of her male colleagues, who are threatened by her challenging words, eventually banished her from participating in her elected position. Then she suffered five attempts on her life and now has to travel with body guards, and constantly move her locations when in Afghanistan to avoid attacks.

But she is undaunted, and stated that she will continue to speak out about the corruption and impacts of
fundmentalist warlords on her country, as well as the actual impact of bombings from NATO and American-Afghan wars. She has started school for girls and supported health clinics to help her people.

She spoke and answered many questions from the audience of about 500, at Seattle's First Baptist Church on Capitol Hill, for over 1 hour. This was a long day, since this was the fourth appearance having already spoken at KUOW's Weekday, Bellingham and Edmonds to enthusiastic audiences. 

She also signed books for another hour afterwards in a seemingly tireless effort. Her account of her life titled "A Woman Among Warlords" was for sale through Elliott Bay Books and is published by Simon and Schuster. 
Malalia Joya is supported by Ruth
and Imogene Williams family, sponsors of
Alice Bryant Peace Park Project
It is worth the effort to see her speak. She is definitely an inspiring individual and a true Peace Activist.

Her organization is called the Afghan Womens Mission and here is their website.
They welcome donations for help the women and families of Afghanistan.
When asked what should Americans do to help Afghanistan she responded, that people should visit her website and look for other NGO's which are working to improve education and health there.

Her visit is sponsored by Seattle Peace Action, Alice Bryant Peace Park Project, and the National Organization for Women.
Her tour schedule is below:

Tuesday, April 5th: 10-11:15 TESC lecture hall 1, Olympia 12:00-1:30, SPSCC room 26-101, Olympia

7:00 pm, William Phillip Hall, UW Tacoma campus.
Wed April 6:
12 noon-1:30: SURC theater, Central WA Univ, Ellensburg

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  1. Malalai will be on KCTS, Channel 9, at 3:30pm on Wed., April, 6th.