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Monday, April 4, 2011

Malalai Joya Speaking Tonite at Seattle First Baptist

Ever thought about running for office? Think that might be tough? How about a WOMAN  running for office in Afghanistan?

Peace Activist Malalai Joya is here. She has been called 
"the bravest woman in Afghanistan". She is a former member of the Afghanistan National Assembly,
and was finally given a visa to tour the US, when five members of the WA Congressional delegation like Sen Patty Murray, Rep Jay Inslee, Rep Jim McDermott, Sen Maria Cantwell and Rep Adam Smith and others  from other states stepped in on her behalf. 

She has been outspoken on the subject of corruption in her country and for ending the occupation of Afghanistan by foreign troops.
Malalai Joya speaks at a girls school in 
Afghanistan. Photo byAfghanKabul.

Today she was a guest on KUOW and tonite (4/4) she will be speaking at the Seattle First Baptist Church at 7pm.

Here visit is being sponsored by Seattle Peace Action -
Sponsors, Peace Action of WA, Snohomish Co. Peace Action, Edmonds Community College
7:00 pm, Monday Apr 4, Seattle First Baptist, 1111 Harvard (at Seneca), Seattle
Sponsors: Peace Action of WA, Seattle First Baptist, Partners in Peacemaking, Seattle NOW, Friends of Alice Bryant Peace Park
BBC calls Malalai Joya "The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan", but she's much more than that. She started her first school at age 16, when the penalty for teaching girls was death.... At 25, she was overwhelmingly elected to the Loya Jirga which wrote Afghanistan's constitution, then to the national parliament.

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