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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Shoreline Historical Museum Site "Ribbon Cutting"

Today, Saturday, April 30th the Shoreline Historical Museum opened a new chapter in its story.
Supporters gather around new
Shoreline Historical Museum site 
The Museum held a "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" for its new site at Linden Ave N.  The group arrived after the annual Judge Ronald Luncheon which was held this year at the Ronald Methodist Church.
Two of Judge JT Ronald's Great-grandaughters
celebrating at the Annual Jude Ronald Luncheon
The Museum had been forced to find a new home after being expelled from their previous longstanding home at the Ronald School. A settlement had been reached between the Museum and the Shoreline School District to sell the Ronald School Building which the District wanted to incorporate into its new Shorewood HS design.

Then the Historical Museum was able to purchase property for the new site.

The site is the former James Alan Salon building and adjacent house. The Museum purchased the entire property on the corner of Linden Ave N and N 185th. The former JAS building is the new Museum exhibit building and the little house next door is the office. There will be ongoing exhibits at the new site
and the research and educational aspect continues through the office, via Director Vicki Stiles and volunteers.

Many supporters and current and former elected officials attended the ribbon cutting in front of the little office building, which is cozy and a good transitional environment. The Mayor was present for the ribbon cutting. Former SHM Board president, Henry Reed also participated in the ceremony along with Director Vicki Stiles. Also present were Rep Cindy Ryu and former Rep Nancy Rust. The museum exhibits, archives, artifacts and records are all in storage.

The Museum Board is also working on plans for development of a much bigger Museum Building/complex there. This will be a long term capitol funding project. The Museum has received funding for this transitional project and future planning from 4Culture, City of Shoreline and many other public and private funders, including the Family of Judge Ronald.
Henry Reed shares a moment with
museum supporter
The Shoreline Historical Museum is celebrating their new home with a brand new website you can view
here. For additional information please call 206-542-7111.

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