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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Good Day for Wildlife Habitat in Shoreline, WA

Monday, April 18, the City of Shoreline recognized the efforts of the Shoreline Community Backyard Wildlife Habitat Project. The team was awarded a certificate for achieving the goal of Certification. 

Certificate Presented to Shoreline's
Community Backyard Wildlife Project
The project was adopted by Sustainable Shoreline Education Association in 2006. Boni Biery, who is team leader of the project got to work and organized the effort.

The National Wildlife Federation is working in many communities in western Washington to get "certified". This means they have gotten a required number of households, businesses, schools and parks
in shape to be certified. Each one is required to have the 5 elements of habitat on site to attract and sustain wildlife. These five elements are:

Community Habitats

If you love gardening and connecting with people in your community, the National Wildlife Federation can help you certify your community as a Community Wildlife Habitat™.
A Community Wildlife Habitat is a community that provides habitat for wildlife throughout the community--in individual backyards, on school grounds and in public areas such as parks, community gardens, places of worship and businesses.
It is a place where the residents make it a priority to provide habitat for wildlife by providing the four basic elements that all wildlife need: foodwatercover andplaces to raise young.
The community also educates its residents about sustainable gardening practicessuch as reducing or eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides, conserving water, planting native plants, removing invasive plants and composting.
Community Wildlife Habitats are organized by a team of people, who not only help create habitat, but also hold workshops about gardening for wildlife and organize community events such as stream or trail cleanups.
A Community Habitat project creates a place where people, flora and fauna can all flourish!

The Shoreline Community Backyard Wildlife Project has achieved its goal and is one of the largest communities in the state to do so (11th in the state, 48th in nation and largest city in King County to certify). It means that they achieved the following goal elements:

• Completed Habitats  map

  • 221 homes

  • 19 public space /businesses

  • 8 schools

  • 2 churches

  •  2 public restoration projects

    As another element of the Backyard Wildlife Project they completed the following projects:
    WOWTA Garden Tour
    Citizens Bird Banding Project

    Wildlife Resources
    Bird houses
    Champion Tree Contest
    Pesticide Free households and yards
    Ronald Bog Restoration Slide Show
    Brugger's Bog Restoration Slide Show

    Congratulations Boni Biery and the Shoreline Team on this outstanding accomplishment!
    Courtney Sullivan of NWF Awards Certificate to Boni Biery for
    the Accomplishment

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