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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Senate Rejects Attack on Clean Air Act

Take a Deep Breath and Thank the US Senators who just voted to stop the attack on clean air! 
Clean Air and Clean Water is what we NEED!
Green Lake, Ph Credit - Janet Way
Here's the message from the Environmental Defense Fund. 

Environmental Defense Action Fund
Moments ago, the Senate defeated a series of pro-polluter amendments that would have gutted the Clean Air Act and to varying degrees blocked EPA from protecting Americans from dangerous air pollution.
None of the amendments received even a simple majority, even though a super majority of 60 votes were required to pass the Senate.

This is a very big deal and we thank the more than 145,000 of you who sent emails and thousands more who called your Senators to oppose these pro-polluter amendments. Today proves that when we stand together, we can stand up to the lavishly funded polluter lobby...And that we can win!
While we are very pleased with today's outcome and want to thank all the Senators who stood up for clean air and climate action, as we look ahead, it remains to be seen which Senators will continue to side with clean air and who will vote to go backward.

As the dust settles, our legislative team is already working hard to assess the political consequences of today's Senate action. We will continue to keep you fully updated as events in Washington continue to unfold.
But for now, we can breathe a little easier knowing that the polluter lobby has been held in check -- at least for now.

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