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Friday, April 22, 2011

Boni Biery, Local Steward of the Environment

Boni Biery accepted a Certification for Shoreline's Community Backyard Wildlife Project 
achievement last Monday at the Shoreline City Council meeting. She also made a speech commemorating Earth Week.

Boni Biery, Shoreline Environmental Steward

Boni is Director of the Shoreline Community Backyard Wildlife Habitat Project and serves on Shoreline's Parks and Recreation Board.

Here is her speech commemorating Earth Week:

April 22, 2011 - Earth Day

Earth Day was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 after several years of thinking about it.  It was established as a celebration to put the environment in the “lime-light.”  It was long overdue. 

Today, Earth Day is about taking a little time to think about the earth and what it means for us.  It is a closed system.  Just like a ship at sea, our planet courses through the galaxy and we must rely upon its’ resources to sustain us.  What was here when the planet was formed is all that we have to provide life; and nothing else.  We can choose to keep our waters clean by avoiding pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other pollutants.  We can choose to help the air to be clear by protecting the trees, which are the very “lungs of the earth.”  On spaceship earth we are all crew.  As each of us move toward more thoughtful practices, like reusing our shopping bags, reducing the size of lawns and encouraging the increased use of native plants, we collectively make our planetary ship called earth a healthier place for all living things.

I’d like to thank the City for their role in celebrating our wonderful planet and taking part in helping to better care for it.

Also, click HERE for the History of Earthday.

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