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Friday, April 1, 2011

Early Spring Views at Paramount Park

Spring Green is in Fashion!
Indian Plum Leaves Are on Full Display.

Reflections of Early Spring at Upper Paramount Pond

Paramount Park is a "Headwaters Wetland" and is a vital part of the Thornton Creek Watershed.

In 1998, the Paramount Park Neighborhood Group worked with KC Waterworks and other partners including the City of Shoreline to enhance the wetland by building two wetland retention ponds.
This brought a neglected and degraded area to life and created valuable wildlife habitat while 
improving water quality.
Large Woody Stump is Part of Life Springing Forth
Is there anything lovelier than the tentative but determined progress of SPRING! At Paramount Park it is fun to take a quiet walk and focus on details.
False Lilly of the Valley near Littles Creek
Tiny buds are emerging.
Red elderberry buds at Paramount Park
Around the ponds life is thriving!
Small Tree has bent over the upper pond because of the wet spring.
Take a walk. Even on a rainy day it is beautiful! 
Look closely and notice small things. Water bugs are emerging.
They are the sign of healthy ecosystems.

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