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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earthday, Everyday Event - Sat, 4/16

Shoreline's Annual Earthday/Everyday Event 
Coming Up This Saturday

Many groups will be co-sponsoring or tabling and lots of free information and give-a-ways 
will be available. 
Some of the groups who will be displaying their wares are:
• WOWTA (Shoreline's Community Backyard Wildlife Project), • KBGF (Kruckeberg Botanical Garden Foundation), • Sustainable Shoreline Education Association, • Shoreline Solar Project
and many others!

The City is also sponsoring some other "Earthday" events coming up. 

Here's an article from the City of Shoreline website:

Earth Day is April 22
Posted Date:4/8/2011
Earth Day provides an opportunity to remember that our everyday 
choices affect the community, environment and planet. Whether it is 
choosing to recycle, take public transportation or turn off a light to 
conserve energy, everything we do matters and every little bit helps.
The City is actively working to be more sustainable through implementation 
of its Environmental Sustainability Strategy. You can also help make a 
difference in creating a more sustainable Shoreline:

Participate in stewardshipLook for service opportunities or help out in 
Shoreline Parks by joining a work party to help restore ecosystems. 
Throughout the year, there are a number of Ivy Out and other events 
that clear invasive species from our parks. You can also plant a 
backyard garden or join a community garden.
Upcoming stewardship opportunities:Richmond Beach Saltwater

RecycleShoreline’s solid waste provider, CleanScapes, provides the 
City with curbside recycling and yard waste service. Ensuring that your 
recyclable materials, garbage and yard waste are properly sorted is 
important to ensure recyclables are not contaminated. In addition to 
curbside recycling, it is important to properly dispose of electronics, 
medications and toxic substances. Improper disposal of these items can cause 
harmful substances to leach into our ground water affecting our water 
quality and marine 
ecosystems in the Puget Sound.
Upcoming recycling events:Recycle FestNational Pharmaceuticals

Take Back Day
ConserveOur homes can be big consumers of energy. Luckily there are a 
number of simple things that can be done to help conserve energy. Using 
energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, unplugging computers and other
 electronics when not in use and turning off lights are just some of the small 
things you can do to conserve energy.
Homes also lose a lot of energy through windows, doors and walls that are 
not adequately insulated.SustainableWorks is currently conducting reduced 
cost energy audits for Shoreline residents. A good energy audit will help you 
find ways to save energy and money over time.
Learn more about conservation, recycling and stewardship at the City's 
annual Earth Day Every Day event on Saturday, April 16.

CleanScapes is co-sponsoring:

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