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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letter from Red Brick Road Supporter

Reprinting this letter (originally sent to Shoreline Area News) with permission of the author, 
Vicki Westberg.
Shoreline's Red Brick Road
a historic treasure

(We couldn't have said it better!) 

Vicki Westberg is
a Ridgecrest resident
and longtime supporter
of historic assets

Letter to the Editor: Town Center is an opportunity to show off our history and uniqueness


To the Editor:
Regarding the Town Center Plan Options, it seems to me that the Town Center is a wonderful opportunity to “show off” our history and uniqueness. Two of the three plans offered would destroy the landmark quality of one of the most unique features of Shoreline, the Red Brick Road, by moving it and/or “lifting it to grade”. An outdoor stage is also a feature which would only be usable in summer, and any performances or productions would have to compete with Aurora's traffic congestion, air pollution, noise, and attention span of attendees. Where would people park? Aside from an interpretive kiosk, these two plans present more of the same elements to be found in our other already fine park system.

It's in the remaining plan (Option #2) that there is something really unique and culturally significant to preserve, the Red Brick Road, aka Ronald Place. It is not only a rare piece of history, but a source of pride for the community, a link to our past that you can feel with your feet! What better way to experience it! It is a point of interest and a draw for tourism. Without including a revenue source (tourism) in our planning we have a recipe for higher taxes and a wasted opportunity for historical significance. And what a benign artifact! It doesn't block anyone's view, requires no maintenance, costs nothing to preserve, and it's already there.

Like a creek running through Town Center it appears above and below ground. Sections of it still can be seen as it winds alongside Aurora and then due to development it goes underground and disappears where it crosses Aurora about N. 185th St. veering northwest towards Linden St. What a beautiful way to commemorate history and honor local businesses by preserving the thing that brought community, utilities, and business here in the first place!

These two sections are what is left of a very long road from Seattle and we are the owners! Let's not lose it forever! Let's move forward with the plan option that respects the integrity of the RBR, leaves it undisturbed, and ensures its continued existence with landmark status for us and future generations to enjoy.

Vicki Westberg

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