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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Year Ago Today - Shoreline Historical Museum WAS in Ronald School

Do You Remember? 

Last year on MLK's Birthday an incredible Rally was held in front of the Shoreline Historical Museum. Ninety people showed up to support the Museum and Ronald School and sent a message to the Shoreline School District.

2010 MLK Day Rally at Ronald School

Now, sadly even though the public thought the problem was solved and history would be preserved, it wasn't. The Shoreline School District evicted the Museum and their new home will be here -
Cottage next door to former James Alan Salon

and here!
Former James Alan Salon building at 185th and Lynden

So while we are happy for the Museum finding a new home, which will eventually be built into something much better, we wonder "how could this have happened?" 

And still the Ronald School is threatened by the new Shorewood HS development. SSD says they'll be "restoring it", when actually they'll be gutting the insides of this nearly 100 year old building and slapping it onto the front of a 150,000 sq ft building and calling it a "landmark", even though it will only be the front porch of the humongous new HS. 

The "Landmarked" 1912 Ronald School is unique as a stand alone,
semi-rural schoolhouse in the Classic Revival Style

The "Shoreline" Landmarks Commission (which interestingly contained no one representing Shoreline)
issued a decision on a Certificate of Appropriateness to allow Shoreline School District to impact the building it had landmarked just 2 years before.

Now, the Shoreline Preservation Society has appealed that decision. The appeal will be heard by the Shoreline City Council on February 28th at the regular council meeting. It is a "closed record, quasi-judicial" matter. This means no new evidence or testimony will be taken and the Councilmembers are not permitted ANY exparte communications with anyone, including each other. 

The public is welcome to attend the hearing and witness this decision, which will finally be made by someone representing Shoreline.

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