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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reps Ryu and Kagi Co-Sponsor Point Wells Bill

32nd District Reps Ruth Kagi and Cindy Ryu are teaming up to co-sponsor legislation to limit the impacts of the proposed Point Wells, "Blue Square" Development.
Rep Ruth Kagi

Rep Cindy Ryu 
House Bill 1265 would limit the potential density allowed on the development now proposed in unincorporated Snohomish County bordering Woodway and Shoreline.
Here is a south-facing view of Point Wells on Puget Sound. A company proposes developing 61 of the acres it owns on the 100-acre site. The plan includes condos, shops and restaurants, which residents in adjacent Shoreline worry would stress the two-lane road leading to the site.
Point Wells site

 Kagi, Ryu bill to encourage cooperative planning for Point Wells development
OLYMPIA — To promote consistent, orderly urban development, state Reps. Ruth Kagi, D-Lake Forest Park, and Cindy Ryu, D-Shoreline, have introduced legislation to ensure that Snohomish County, the City of Shoreline and the Town of Woodway will work cooperatively in addressing the impact of development at Point Wells, an unincorporated area on the north side of the Snohomish-King County border.
Newly re-zoned for urban-center land use by Snohomish County, Point Wells currently is an industrial site that developers hope to transform into a mixed-use development with 3,000 housing units. Access to Point Wells, however, is limited to just one two-lane road, NW Richmond Beach Road/Richmond Beach Drive, that winds through Shoreline in King County. Many nearby residents, particularly those in the adjacent Richmond Beach neighborhood, are concerned that the scale of the development is too large and will adversely affect traffic and safety along the road.
“Funneling 3,000 new families through a small two-lane road presents many challenges. We can’t risk having an infrastructure that’s inadequate to support the whole community’s needs,” Kagi said. “This bill encourages cooperative development planning among local governments so that the scale of new development harmonizes with existing communities.”
House Bill 1265 would limit the residential density of Point Wells so that it does not exceed the density of the adjacent cities. It provides for an exception, however, if the county enters into an interlocal agreement with the adjacent cities that addresses mitigation for the impact on transportation and parks, and that outlines how government services will be provided.
The 32nd District legislators are hopeful the legislation will encourage a cooperative local agreement that works well for the citizens, developers and local governments.
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