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Friday, January 21, 2011

Online King Conservation District Election Coming Up

KCD or King Conservation District has decided to change the way their Board of Supervisors elections are conducted.

King Conservation District provides many services for landowners and those who care about the environment. They help farmers,  property owners and cities cope with water quality, habitat and soils problems and solutions. They also hold a very popular "Bareroot Plant Sale", which will be underway soon. KCD is funded by a small tax assessment and provides expertise to cities and communities on ways to reduce pollution, prevent flooding, improve habitat and protect soil resources.

For many years they have held special elections in limited polling locations. Now KCD is opening up these elections to a much greater group of voters by conducting an ONLINE ballot process.

There is also a way to vote in person at the KCD office in Renton.
KCD provides native plants for projects to improve wetlands

 Promoting sustainable uses of natural resources through responsible stewardship
King Conservation District
2011 Board of Supervisors Election - New, convenient, secure online voting
30-day voting period February 15 - March 15

STEP 1 - Confirm Voter Eligibility
Print, sign and submit signed affidavit (available at after Feb 14) 
via email, fax or US mail. 

STEP 2 - Vote Online
Once voter eligibility is confirmed a personal identification number (PIN) will be emailed to you along with voting instructions.
If you have not received your PIN by 5 pm on March 14, you will need to vote in person at the King Conservation District office on March 15 between 9 am and 9 pm.

For more information and detailed instructions, visit or call 425-282-1900
KCD Election PCard 2011 v2-2.indd 1 

2011 Board of Supervisors Election Information

The King Conservation District (King CD) is inviting prospective candidates to submit applications for the Board of Supervisor position #2 in advance of a month-long, district-wide public election period beginning February 15, 2011 and ending at 9 pm March 15. This election will feature new, convenient and secure on-line voting. Click here for more information.
Registered voters who reside within the district’s boundaries are eligible to submit an application. Candidates must complete a nomination petition form and gather at least 25 signatures of registered voters who reside within the district. The petition must be delivered to the King CD office (1107 SW Grady Way, Suite 130, Renton) by February 1. Click here for application and petition forms.
Contact Susan Wermus in the King CD office at 425-282-1900 or for more information. Individuals interested in running for the position (serving a three-year term on voluntary basis) are encouraged to contact the King CD for more information on the board’s duties and responsibilities.
The all-volunteer, five-member board includes three elected members and two who are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission. All supervisors serve three-year terms and should anticipate a minimum 10 hour per month time commitment. As public officials, their responsibility is to ensure that the King CD meets its legal and public trust obligations. The board of supervisors conducts regular public meetings to oversee the district’s budget and provide policy guidance and oversight to district staff.
Supervisors are expected to help identify critical resource conservation needs in their district, communicate with the public and seek feedback about conservation programs from district residents. King Conservation District elections occur annually during the first quarter of each year. Elections for the King Conservation District and the other 46 conservation districts in Washington State are conducted pursuant to guidelines established byRCW 89.08 with oversight from the Washington State Conservation Commission, an agency created to assist and guide conservation district activities in Washington State.
Please click here for information on past elections, including election results.
Additional information can be obtained by contacting Susan Wermus by phone

at (425) 282-1900 or email at Susan Wermus

KCD helps install wetland plants
in a restoration project


  1. So the ID I need to verify my identity will be sent in e-mail. It will be completely unencrypted and available to any server (all the server administrators) that happens to be in the e-mail delivery path. Then it's probably stored in some storage network where another set of administrators may have access to the data. Even assuming I don't share my e-mail account password (or provide it to applications like Facebook which regularly solicit this information), the 'secure' PIN is available to likely hundreds of people for an indeterminate amount of time.

    Please fire the people responsible for designing this 'secure' system of voting. If it's important to pursue this technology, first acquire adequate expertise to design an implementation that has at least a semblance of security.

  2. Thank you. I will share your concern with the KCD folks and also
    KC Dems and others.