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Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Year Anniversary - Of Paramount Importance!

Wow! One Year Old!  
Yep, I'm Still a Thornton Creek Freak!
photo credit-Ruth Williams 

(Somehow I feel much older!) 

But Thanks to Everyone who's contributed to Of Paramount Importance this year. Everyone who's a follower, or gets an email update or sends a comment or submits an article, photo or even just glances at "Of Paramount Importance" for gleaning something large or small....

Thank You!!! Let's do another year! 
Send us your ideas, your inspirations, your photos of things green, and even brown. 
Of Paramount Importance is for all of us who care about the environment, politics and happenings in the Shoreline Area.
Bright Morning - The possibilities are endless!
photo credit-Janet Way

It's a bright shiny, New Year!


  1. Keep it up I think it's terrific! Keep the light shining on the environment. We all have to be able to see the way.

  2. Hey Thanks!
    And to the rest who are not my family members, I appreciate the encouragement!

    Stay tuned for many exciting episodes.