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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thornton Creek Park 6 Wildlife

Mallards AND Wooducks behind
Hooded Megansers and Mallards
Thornton Creek Park #6 near Northgate is always a great wildlife show. 

The beavers have created an incredible wetland habitat for many creatures. It is a natural area park, located along the South Branch of Thornton Creek on either side of 8th NE between NE 106th and 103rd Sts.

Today three kinds of ducks were sighted, including the Wooducks, Hooded Megansers and as usual lots of mallards. Also, yesterday spotted the Great Blue Heron again. 

Also today TCA (Thornton Creek Alliance)  hosted a small workparty to remove invasives like ivy and blackberry. Ruth Williams has been the wildlife steward for Park #6 for over the last decade. Work Parties are held on weekends throughout the year for volunteers to help control invasive weeds and replant with native plants.
Ruth Williams, TCA Vice-President and longtime
steward of Thornton Creek Park #6
Other interesting features at the park these days are things like this interesting fungus growing on one of the fallen logs. (Many trees have been felled by the beavers, and have transformed the habitat into a totally different place from what we'd come to expect 10 yrs ago.)
Turkey Tail fungus 

Trametes versicolor

Also, the park stewards have installed wooduck houses, to provide possible nesting places for these beautiful native ducks.
Wooduck Nesting Box

Thornton Creek Park Six is a peaceful place that needs 
a better name. 

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