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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shoreline Historical Museum New Digs

Shoreline Historical Museum - a new labor of love.  And it's going to take a lot a love for this new site!

So the GOOD NEWS for the Shoreline Historical Museum is they've got a new home.

Museum Director Vicki Stiles in front room of 18511
Linden Ave N.  She's smiling, but looking at the task ahead,
her sweatshirt indicates she might rather be in Maui
(and who could blame her!)
The BAD NEWS is it's like being forced to move into a flop house when you were used to a decent place to live. 
Basement of former James Alan Salon
New Home of Shoreline Historical Museum
To be fair the shot above is the basement of one buliding, which is the worst site. The old little house next door is somewhat better. But it is pretty shabby too.
Front Room of 18511 Linden Ave N
Planned to be the meeting room of new temporary Museum.

The Shoreline Historical Museum was forced to move after being evicted by the Shoreline School District from their 35 year home at the Ronald School. They used some settlement dollars and
bought the property available at 185th and Linden Ave N, which includes about a half acre overgrown lot and two buildings, the former James Alan Salon and small house (40's era) next door. 

Well it is better than being homeless, but it is going to be a huge task to make these buildings habitable. 
The 18511 Linden house is relatively easier to fix up to be of use. According to Director Vicki Stiles, they expect to have an office set up there next week sometime. 

Volunteers have to wear masks to deal with the nasty dust
But the James Alan site is another story. After the business moved out, a pipe broke and water ran into the building for three days before anyone knew about it. All the ceiling tiles are rotten and have to be hauled out. Their is some mold and huge amounts of dust and crud everywhere. 
Museum Boardmembers and volunteers have been working for
many weeks already to clear out the mess, but it is
going to take a lot of "sweat equity" to get this place
ready for any kind of museum
Vicki Stiles is very grateful to the incredible work of so many Museum Boardmembers and volunteers. Lorne Day has been there nearly every day clearing the brush and overgrowth that was even growing through the roof of the little house!
Loren Day, Hal Schlegel, and Kevin Sill confer about the tasks at hand
Volunteer Extraordinaire Loren Day gets grateful hug
from Director Vicki Stiles
A WHOLE lot a love is what it's gonna take. But the Museum supporters seem to 
have a lot to give!


  1. And the priceless artifacts....records, photos, displays...that have been collected are
    going into this decrepit house!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    This new site and buildings will be considered a "temporary" situation.
    I think the goal is to work towards eventually building some new facilities. I think all the precious artifacts are safely in storage. At the new office, there is some hope of simple displays of photos,etc.

    Yes, it will be a long time before all those wonderful artifacts can come out of hiding in a proper new location. There is no doubt in my mind that the SHM has been dealt bad cards in the last year, and that the Shoreline School District has done irreparable harm to our community. But they are hoping this new beginning will give them a new lease on life.

    In the meantime, the Shoreline Preservation Society has an appeal pending on the Certificate of Appropriateness for Ronald School.
    Stay tuned.

  3. But even if the appeal works out for you, the Museum can never move back in. That door is closed.

    Now is the time for some big volunteer and fundraising opportunities to bring about a building the Museum can place it's displays in.

  4. We all support the Museum's efforts to raise funds for an excellent new building(s) and programs throughout our community.

    But the intent of the Preservation Law in King County has not been followed and that the Landmarked Ronald School building
    needs to be protected, which it is not by the current proposal.

    The Shoreline School District needs to be accountable for what they've done with taxpayer dollars.

    These goals can both be compatible.

    Thank you.

  5. I wasn't saying they can't be compatible. It honestly doesn't matter to me whether or not the appeal wins or loses. I am just hoping that more people will get out there to support the musuem during this important time.

    Don't lose sight of the some of these things that need attention now through volunteer efforts and fund raising.

  6. Poulsbo had property in town for a Museum, but found that it would cost between 2-3 million dollars to build a decent museum. Good luck,

  7. Barbara,
    Well, interestingly Shoreline voters thought it was a good idea to vote YES on a $150 MILLION Bond to the two HS's! And that was all based on lies. So anything is possible. Maybe something based on facts would sell?