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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shoreline Surface Water Master Plan Open House TONITE!

Floodwaters from Aurora Ave overwhelm constructions site
next to Echo Lake in 2007 storm 
City of Shoreline will host an Open House this evening at City Hall to discuss citizens concerns about addressing and updating the Surface Water Master Plan, 6-9pm.

Stormwater in Littles Creek Basin overflows on
12th NE - 2007
Shoreline has made many improvements to begin to address these flooding problems since the last Surface Water Master Plan was passed, such as the Cromwell Park project and the newest Green Streets
project in Briarcrest. But, there is still a lot more to do to retrofit our many watershed problems created by decades of unfortunate misunderstandings and neglect by previous public works projects. Much of the infrastructure was created back when there was more concern with just building neighborhoods, but little attention was paid to the impacts of those developments to the ecology of the waterhseds.
Why is this something to be concerned about?
• If you ever have experienced problems in your neighborhood resulting from localized flooding, then here is your chance to help influence policies to address the issues.
• If you are concerned about how Stormwater affects watersheds or Puget Sound, this is your chance in Shoreline to impact these policies.
• If you are concerned about how Stormwater affects salmon or other wildlife habitat , this is a chance to get involved.
• If you'd like to see Shoreline make changes to improve surface water policies and planning, here is your chance to make a difference.
Cromwell Park Project completed last summer (2010) with funds from Parks Bond and
grants, restored several acres of wetlands upstream
from Ronald Bog. This project can retain over 2 "acre ft" of stormwaters,
 infiltrates and detains them with Natural Drainage techniques to prevent
flooding such as the 2007 storm
If you are concerned about pollution and its impacts to streams in your neighborhood, this is the time to speak up.
Flooding in Ronald Bog Neighborhood during
2007 storm

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