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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Townsends Warbler Photographed in Highland Terrace Neighborhood

Beautiful Townsends Warbler -
photo credit - Linda Stein
Linda Stein captured these great shots of the Townsends Warbler at her feeder and in her yard. 

Townsends Warbler -
photo credit - Linda Stein

Townsends Warbler catches holiday spirit!
photo credit - Linda Stein

The Townsends Warbler actually prefers coniferous forests to Christmas lights according to the 

Cool Facts

  • The Townsend's Warbler hybridizes with the Hermit Warbler where their ranges overlap in Oregon and Washington. The hybrid zones are rather narrow and appear to be slowly moving, with the more aggressive Townsend's Warbler displacing the Hermit Warbler.
  • On the wintering ground in Mexico, the Townsend's Warbler feeds extensively on the sugary excretions of scale insects. Although the warbler usually forages in the tops of trees, it will use patches of the honeydew-producing insects at whatever height it finds them. It will defend territories around trees infested with the insects against other Townsend's Warblers as well as other bird species.
  • The male Townsend's Warbler begins to sing before it leaves its wintering grounds.
  • Sometimes a female Townsend's Warbler will partially construct a nest in one tree, then move all the materials to another tree and finish the nest there.
So if you want to see more Townsends Warblers and other types of birds, plant more coniferous trees!

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