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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Night Images - 32nd District and US Senate

Cindy and Cody Ryu were thrilled with their victory
after a lot of hard work
Large Crowd shows up for Election Night Event at Shoreline Senior Center
Some images of the Democratic Sweep in 32nd District -
Rep Maralyn Chase and Cindy Ryu
share a happy evening and victories

Democrats held a "unity" election night party at the Shoreline Senior Center. District Chair Carin Chase was master of ceremonies.

The 3 candidates for State House and Senate celebrated huge victories in the face of nationwide negative news for Democrats.

Maralyn Chase, Cindy Ryu and Ruth Kagi
celebrate their apparent victories

• Rep Maralyn Chase winning her bid for Senate over David Baker, Kenmore Mayor  - 58.06 - 41.94 percent
• Rep Ruth Kagi appears to be re-elected overwhelmingly over Gary Gagliardi of Shoreline - 61.98 -38.02 percent
• Former Shoreline Mayor, Cindy Ryu also winning a decisive victory for State House over Shoreline physician, Art Coday - 58.48 -41.52 percent 

Updates later today after 4:30 from Secretary of State's office
District Chair Carin Chase hugs her son and accepts thanks
from crowd

Winding up the night at Westin to witness Democrats celebration of
slim lead for Senator Patty Murray.  She stands with arms raised with
fellow Senator Maria Cantwell and Governor Chris Gregoire

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