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Monday, November 1, 2010

Voting Drop Boxes in King County

Good News for those who would like to vote "RIGHT NOW"  and not depend on the time for US Mail to deliver your ballot!

Ballot Drop Boxes are available again in select locations.
Last year I wrote to several media outlets and KC Council about the need for
these locations in more places, not less. At first they were scheduled to have
only a handful available, but wisely, they decided to provide more boxes
around the County. Kudos to King County for providing this service again!

It's the least they can do IMHO, since the polls are no longer available
for this democratic institution.

So, the advantge of driving to the drop box IS that you can drop off
your ballot any time until
 8pm Tuesday, (Election Day).  You can only use the postal option
until 5:30pm. Ballots MUST be postmarked, and therefore the
5:30pm option is less convenient for working folks.

Here are these locations. If you have any questions please call - 206-296-VOTE (8683) 
OR check the KC Elections site -

Ballot drop boxes

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