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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ronald School 1912 - ?

Rescheduled Hearing for the Historic Ronald School's Future

Citizens of Shoreline
Don't Let Our History Be Erased ! 

Shoreline Landmarks Commission Public Hearing
"Certificate of Appropriateness"

When: This Wednesday, November 17th
Time: 7pm
Where: at the Richmond Masonic Temple
N185th St and Linden Ave N
parking available at Fred Meyer Store
Questions: Call 206-734-5545

This Hearing is your only opportunity to speak out effectively on this matter to authorities.

Facts brought to you by the Shoreline Preservation Society: 

• Fact: The Shoreline School District wants to gut and incorporate this historic century old building into its enormous new HS by encasing and covering the rear and removing the interior and they need the Certificate of Appropriateness to do it.
• Fact:The Ronald School was Landmarked as an "intact" Building in 2008 by the Shoreline Landmarks Commission.  Why? Because it is a unique free standing example of a semi-rural, neo-classical revival school house. It is the only example of it's type North of the Ship Canal. It was built in 1912 on property donated by Judge J T Ronald. It is a unique historical and cultural asset for the Shoreline Area, and is irreplaceable. It is the oldest "public" building in Shoreline.
• Fact: All of the exterior and surrounding property is landmarked out to 15 ft. 
• Fact: The Ronald School was abandoned by the Shoreline School District in 1971. It was adopted by the Shoreline Historical Museum in 1976, as a bicentennial project, and they have been stewards of the building ever since. 
• Fact: If the School District gets its wish, the Ronald School will no longer be truly a public building. It will merely be the front porch of an enormous new building and completely lose its unique "stand along character" for which it was landmarked.
• Fact: Shoreline School District has evicted the Museum to take over the building. The Museum Board 
is prohibited by the "settlement" from speaking about this matter.

You can speak out on this issue and make a difference. You can help get the truth out. You can help write the history of the next 100 years for the Ronald School. Now is the time to speak your mind about this travesty and make the Shoreline School District accountable.
Judge JT Ronald
If you can't attend you can send your comment to  Todd Scott at the King County Historic Preservation office.  
Thank you for caring!
Ronald School awaits its fate

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